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Creative Digital Marketing Strategies for the Retail Sector that REALLY Work

A Guide to Law Firm Marketing Strategy

How to Convert Traffic Into Leads

A Look Back at the Finance Marketing Trends of 2019

Digital Marketing Predictions for 2020 – From Eight Industry Experts

How to Improve UX on Your Law Firm’s Website

Adding Christmas Spirit to Your Social Media

Online marketing takeaways from the 2019 General Election build up

How Retailers can Avoid Social Follower Fraud

4 Reasons why SEO is Important for Solicitors

How Instagram’s ‘hidden likes’ could impact your brand

4 Examples of how insurance firms can benefit from using Instagram

Facebook carousel ads: The marketing strategy taking retailers by storm

How insurance brands can use online reviews to drive conversions | Hit Search

How Retailers Can Better Connect with Consumers in 2020

5 Insurance Marketing CRO Opportunities You Could be Missing

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) for Law Firms

Why insurance brands should offer free website tools and calculators

Advantages of CRO | Benefits of Conversion Rate Optimisation

ASA release updated #AD regulations for 2019 Love Island stars

The role of the retail email newsletter in the GDPR age

Five ways to build links to an insurance website

Working with influencers - how can retailers maximise their ROI?

Five CRO challenges faced by UK insurance companies; and how to overcome them

Survey reveals 98% of content creators admitted to having spotted follower fraud among online influencers

How financial services brands can do reactive social media marketing in this heavily regulated sector

Why the insurance industry needs to embrace omni-channel marketing

Is your insurance firm effectively using online trust signals to increase policy conversions?

Lush’s Instagram stance: Is social media marketing still a retail brand essential?

Three ways to gain key insights into the user journey of your insurance customers

Hit Search shortlisted for 'Influencer Marketing/Outreach company of the year' Blogosphere 2019 Award

Weeding out ‘fake’ influencers from your retail brand campaigns

Why insurance firms need to use online customer personas

A biometrics and neuroscience review of Compare the Market’s AutoSergei™ advert

Neuroscience & Biometrics CRO - Conversion Rate Optimisation

Five essential third party tools for every digital content creator

Social proof: the value of using customer UGC to amplify brand awareness in retail

Google Search Console: How mobile usability data can be used to increase your sales and revenue

Tips for using Google Search Console to monitor SEO performance on a retail website

Biometrics, neuroscience and seasonality in online retail

Digital vs Traditional: Which PR style is most useful today?

Key strategies for retailer's success online

How influencer marketing differs from SEO blogger outreach

Tips for Working with Established Bloggers

What is biometric technology and how can marketers use it?

Three Retail Brands thinking outside the box with their Content Strategy

3 ways to help ensure your Black Friday promotion doesn't detract from Christmas revenue

Mobile-first indexing – how does it impact desktop rankings?

Should your Brand be Working with Micro-Bloggers or more established Bloggers?

[Infographic] Scalable retail digital marketing tips

Scaling up digital marketing activity & results

Maintaining & Increasing Customer Base Through Digital Marketing

The power of knowing your audience: Dollar Shave Club’s marketing success story

Social Influencer Marketing | Social Media Influencers & Marketing

Earning links & referral traffic with content & outreach/online PR

[Interactive Infographic] A guide to the last decade of Google updates; what’s coming next?

Love Island: How challenger brands have leveraged the social conversation

Increasing organic traffic with SEO & Content marketing

Setting clear objectives and KPIS

Understanding your retail audience

My week at Hit search - Sophie

The last decade’s top five organic ranking factors for online retailers

The latest advertising formats for UK fashion brands on Instagram

How Price Can Make or Break Your Retail Business

The latest ad opportunities for UK fashion brands on Pinterest

Where is fashion retail SEO going in 2018?

PPC and the ‘other’ major search engine - a look at Amazon ad opportunities

Facebook pulls third-party data. How will paid ads be affected?

GDPR and Bloggers – Handy Tips to Becoming GDPR Compliant

The Best Converting Facebook Ads for Fashion Brands

Google Algorithm Mobile: Google's Update To Mobile First

Why Fashion Brands Need to Set Up their Photography Skills

Optimising your product data to maximise your Sports Retail PPC returns

Mobile first indexing - and what it means for retail brands

Why Pinterest is So Valuable for Niche Retail Brands

Five common ecommerce website CRO / conversion mistakes (and how to fix them)

Three mistakes retail brands make when working with influencers

Influencer Marketing 2018 | Influencer Marketing Agency

Using video to enhance your retail website’s performance

Make a Fashion Statement Online – Social Media Marketing

[VIDEO]: Why use Facebook to advertise your business and how does it work?

Micro Influencers | Micro Influencer Campaigns & Marketing Agency

[VIDEO]: Measuring Influencer & Blogger Marketing ROI

Making a Fashion Statement Online

How to dominate 2018: Eye-opening digital marketing predictions from 9 digital experts

Christmas Instagram | Brands' Amazing Christmas Instagram Tags & Photos

Insurance: Compliance V Creativity

Using video content to make your insurance brand stand out

Five tips for retailers on working with bloggers & vloggers

How optimised FAQs can transform your legal firm’s online presence

Top PPC tips for the travel industry

How to Market Insurance Online

How to Reach Millennials as an Insurance Company

Why Text is More Important than Images in Fashion SEO?

How your insurance company can make the most out of sponsorships

The importance of seasonal landing pages for fashion brands and retailers

Insurance Website Content | Insurance Agency Website Content Writing Tips

The Most Inspirational Travel Vloggers on YouTube

Top international beauty brands killing it on Instagram

How a joined-up customer review strategy can transform your legal brand

Fashion Influencer Marketing | Fashion Industry & Influencer Marketing

What is programmatic display advertising and why does your company need to start using it today?

Why Use Paid Social Media

What is programmatic display advertising and how’s it changing the travel market?

How to write effective FAQs for your insurance website

Social Media Marketing For Insurance Companies

Display Advertising Strategies

What kind of digital marketer are you?

Digital Marketing in Insurance | 3 Mistakes You Should Avoid

Insurance brands: one question to ask your digital marketing agency

Get impressive results for your insurance brand with programmatic display

CRO Tips | Best CRO Tips for Insurance Conversion Rate

How your insurance brand can get the most out of PPC

How to drive policy volume with paid social channels

6 things your insurance company should know about digital marketing

2 mistakes to avoid to ensure your insurance brand increases policy volume

3 reasons your travel bookings are failing to increase on mobile

Is your agency fixated on your insurance brand's search position?

4 ways mobile SEO will help your travel brand increase bookings

Why your insurance business should be using programmatic display

3 steps to follow to optimise your travel brand for local search 

Why your insurance company NEEDS a structured social media plan

How to ensure your travel brand is geared towards the mobile user

Top 3 deadly digital marketing mistakes your insurance brand is making

Why optimise your travel brand's meta descriptions for the mobile user?

Is your insurance brand bidding on individual keywords? Here's why you shouldn't

Why your travel brand should conduct separate mobile keyword research

Why your insurance brand needs to have a secure website

FREE campaign analysis templates for your law firm

Where Would A Call To Action Overlay Show? What Is A Call To Action On A Website?

Campaign Measurement | How To Measure Success Of Marketing Campaign

3 ways to ensure your content offers get downloaded

Law firms: 5 metrics for measuring campaign effectiveness

Best Call To Action Buttons Words & Colour

How To Measure Effectiveness of Social Media Campaign

5 multi-channel tips to boost your conversion generation

How to optimise your firm’s landing pages to best capture leads

6 tips to ensure your calls-to-action perform at their very best

Law firms: How to effectively monitor campaign performance cross-channel

How to create irresistible content offers for your business

How To Measure Campaign Performance | Measuring Digital Marketing Performance

Designing & Creating Landing Pages That Convert

The importance of measuring campaign performance for your law firm

What are the 4 elements of lead generation?

3 ways to convert web visitors into potential clients

How client testimonials help your firm's site visitors convert

Social Media Marketing Conversion Rate | Improve Social Media CRO

Omni Channel Best Practices | Omni Channel Retailing Best Practices

Why email marketing should play a major role in your firm's digital strategy

Why have we created a digital benchmark report for the legal sector?

How Google’s organic search features can help you generate enquiries for your firm’s website

 How to measure the progress of your firm’s campaigns

The legal sector: Digital opportunities for your law firm in 2017

Omni Channel Digital Strategy & Digital Marketing

Law firms: How to track your conversions effectively

Top Law Firm: The Top Law Firm In Organic Search Results

[Part 2] How to convert and measure your legal audience effectively

How creating downloadable content for your law firm helps convert visitors

Our legal sector digital benchmark report 2017 is now available to download

How your fashion brand can make the most of omni-channel retailing

How remarketing can help your firm convert more visitors

[Legal Workshop] Learn how to increase inbound case enquiries in 3 hours

How to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate | Improve Conversion Rate

Law firms: Why you should invest in paid media to increase your web visits

Should your retail pricing strategy differ cross-channel?

How to engage your firm's audience through social media

Hit Search to release legal sector digital benchmark report

Why Is Outreach Important | Drive Traffic With Outreach

Omni-channel retailing works says Harvard Business Review

The impact of omni-channel marketing on your customer experience

Here are 5 benefits of pay-per-click advertising your firm can enjoy

A step-by-step guide to self-generating case enquiries

How to increase your firm's blog traffic

The New AdWords User Interface Is Finally Here

How to increase targeted traffic to your firm’s site: key strategic principles for legal marketers

[Part 1] How to convert and measure your legal audience effectively

[INFOGRAPHIC] How to convert web visitors into enquiries

Analysing your digital channels ahead of omni-channel strategy planning

Useful Digital Marketing Tools Free

Omni Channel Statistics | Omni Channel Retail & Marketing Statistics

Law Firm Marketing Strategies

Why you need to brainstorm content ideas to increase site traffic for your firm

Law Firm Marketing Ideas | Content Marketing For Law Firms

How To Attract Traffic To Your Website | Attract More Traffic To Your Website

Business Development Tips for Lawyers | Business Development Tips & Tricks

How To Attract More Visitors To Your Website

Understand your firm’s audience: 4 ways to get to know them better

The importance of using online personas in the legal sector

Content Marketing Writing Tips | The Best Content Marketing Tips

The 3 most effective law firm marketing techniques

Understand your firm's audience by asking these 7 questions 

The 4 steps of the law enquiry generation process

The Reasons Why Understanding Your Target Audience Is Important

Why your firm should set SMART goals

How the mobile-friendly algorithm update helped PPC campaigns fly in 2016

Law firms: Creating personalised web content to generate more case enquiries

Liverpool John Lennon Airport welcomed passenger surge in December 2016 with help from Hit Search SEO and Content Implementation

Tap into influencer marketing: 4 bloggers discuss best practices for brands

How To Get More Enquiries From Your Website

4 ways to get the best legal enquiries through inbound marketing

YouTube: A change to the algorithm?

How To Improve Marketing Automation Process

Law firms: 4 benefits of social media automation

Become an unforgettable brand with the help of marketing automation

Marketing Automation Stats Infographic

AI SEO | Google AI in Search | Google Artificial Intelligence

Email Workflow Automation in Email Marketing Automation

The benefits of marketing automation for law firms

Social Media Management Save Time | Tools To Save Time

Top 3 Marketing Automation Statistics | Marketing Automation ROI Stats

THE best content marketing tactics to secure new cases for your firm

How to connect with the mobile customer

Law firms: How buyer personas impact your content marketing strategy

Why content marketing fails in the legal sector

How to dominate 2017: Eye-opening digital marketing predictions from 11 digital experts

Last-minute online traffic boosters for your Black Friday deals

How To Create A Buyer Persona | How To Build / Make Buyer Personas

Where should your firm start with content marketing?

Who should be responsible for content marketing in your firm?

Hit Search successfully support the Scrivens website migration from two websites into one

Back to the Future 2.1 – Will Amazon Echo & Google Home play a big part in our lives in 2017?

Why does content marketing work in the legal sector?

Retailers, say hello to Instagram’s new shopping feature

How to measure content marketing for your law firm

What Are The Elements of Content Strategy

Social Media Campaign Tips & Ideas

Content Marketing For Law Firms & Content Strategy For Law Firms

How search engine optimisation can generate new clients for your firm

Liverpool digital agency, Hit Search, celebrate three internal staff promotions

Google Voice Search SEO | Voice Search Digital Marketing

Google’s Pixel Phone and the impact it could have on search habits

The latest SEO trends that will impact your firm’s website

Retailers: How to boost the performance of your email marketing

The Benefits of Local SEO for Law Firms

How to optimise your firm’s site for search engines

Retail Conversion Tips | how to increase your conversion rate in retail

Law Firm SEO Strategy | SEO Tips for law firms & law firm SEO Guide

Google's search results page changes: A summary of 2016 so far 

Law Firm SEO Marketing | SEO For Law Firm Websites

Common SEO Mistakes & SEO Mistakes To Avoid

Creative Ideas For Website Content

Penguin 4.0 goes real-time and more granular than ever before | Hit Search

The best times to post on social media for your law firm

Paid Social Tips | Paid Social Media Strategy & Campaigns

Twitter Tips | Twitters Tips, Tricks and Tweets

Social media profile tips to help your firm stand out

Will Ex Machina Take My Job? Machine Learning & the Role of the Digital Strategist in 2016

How to build your firm's social media strategy from scratch

How marketing automation can help your omni-channel strategy

Top 3 social media tools every law firm should use

Social Media Tactics For Business | Social Media Marketing Tactics

The race to position zero – there is more than one way to be found in search

Social Media Reputation | Social Media & Company Reputation

LinkedIn Marketing Tips | How To Market On LinkedIn Tips

Social Media Tips For Law Firms | Law Firm Social Media Campaign

Social Media Tips For Business

Getting the most from your old content

Target your audience with paid advertising 

Law firms: 3 PPC tools to kick-start your campaign

Instagram v Snapchat – What’s the story?

Improve your firm's PPC conversions with these 3 tips

Legal PPC | Law Firm PPC | Law Firm Digital Marketing

PPC Facts | 3 Facts About PPC Advertising You Need To Know

PPC For Law Firms | 3 PPC mistakes law firms need to avoid

Why PPC Is Important | Why Do PPC?

PPC vs SEO: Which is the best tool for your legal firm?

How To Get Your Business Star Ratings In Google Search Results

PPC management advice for law firms

Bing Ads Guide, A Step By Step Bing Ads Study Guide

3 common misconceptions about PPC in the legal sector

Now you’re talking my language – Optimise your website for other territories

How to make paid advertising generate new clients for your law firm today!

Law firms: 4 tips for winning more clients through PPC

Why bother with mobile marketing in ecommerce? Here's why!

How to use Google AdWords for your law firm and generate new business

Get your firm's PPC campaign up and running with these 3 steps

Legal PPC Tips | PPC For Solicitors & Law Firms

How to achieve high performing PPC campaigns for your law firm

Pokémon Go! the next big marketing disruptor or just a gaming fad?

PPC for law firms: 8 Quick tips for a successful ad campaign

Big Data in Fashion Retail Industry | Big Data Fashion

Successful PPC Campaign Tips

PPC Marketing For Law Firms | PPC Marketing Strategy

How to build your legal buyer personas from scratch

How To Use Buyer Personas | Buyer Persona Marketing

How to make the most of Google’s price ad extensions

Persona Examples Marketing | Best Law Firm Marketing Tips

How to deliver an effective omni-channel customer service

Buyer Persona Research: The Ideal Buyer Persona

How building buyer personas can increase your firm’s revenue

Legal persona marketing and why your firm needs to do it today

Law Firm Marketing Strategies - Personas

What are legal UX personas and how to build them for your firm today!

Google AdWords interface changes: What do they mean for your business?

Use Rich Cards and Showcase Shopping Ads to drive your brand's sales

4 legal persona marketing mistakes your firm needs to avoid!

Hit Search is now located in the heart of Liverpool City Centre

Legal Personas: 10 Questions to ask when creating your legal client personas

Target your law firm’s audience with the help of our definitive guide!

How to obtain highly-relevant leads for your law firm

How Has Social Media Evolved & How Will Social Media Evolve In The Future

Legal Marketing Tips: Web Marketing For Law Firms

Why email should play a big part in your law firm’s marketing strategy

Help your firm stand out from the crowd with these legal marketing tips

Law Firm Website Content | Legal Website Content Writing & Examples

Law Firm Twitter Tips

Brexit’s Impact on Digital Marketing

Top pay-per-click campaign tips for law firms

Do you know how to target your firm's audience through SEO?

Why should you build buyer personas for your firm?

The Hit Search girls take on Race for Life!

4 legal conversion rate trends for 2016 that your firm needs to know!

Legal podcast: Build a conversion rate plan and win new business today!

Website Performance Indicators | Key Performance Indicators for Sites

We delve into the Missguided mobile site - what did we find?

Legal eBook: Drive new cases today with conversion rate optimisation!

Here's why your fashion brand needs a mobile strategy

Legal podcast: Generate new cases with your legal website today!

Curing the Brexit blues with kittens at Hit Search

Mobile CRO | Mobile Conversion Rate Optimisation

A brief mobile analysis of the Missguided site

Landing Pages Law Firm: Optimise Law Firm Landing Pages

Benefits of Mobile Marketing | The Advantages of Mobile Marketing

Learn how your firm can solve the 3 most common A/B test problems

Use these 3 tips to connect with your mobile customer

Legal Marketing: Conversion rate research you need to conduct today

Mobile Marketing in Ecommerce is important, and here's why!

4 Reasons why your firm needs conversion rate optimisation to survive

How can your fashion brand keep on top of ecommerce marketing trends?

A quick look at the Phase Eight mobile experience

Why have a mobile friendly website? Why build a responsive website?

Become a legal conversion rate expert with these 7 best practice tips!

Mobile Marketing Trends | Recent Mobile Marketing Trends

Optimise your legal conversion funnel today with this straight-forward guide!

Topshop: How do they connect with their mobile user?

How do Burberry connect with their mobile customers?

Top 3 areas of your legal website that you need to optimise today!

Why your firm needs content marketing to increase incoming cases

How do Schuh and other brands currently connect with mobile customers?

How to profile your ideal legal claimants in just 3 steps and get more cases

The importance of mobile marketing in ecommerce

Why legal firms need to focus on user experience not self-promotion

Fashion Email Marketing: Best Fashion Email Newsletters Automation

Mobile Commerce Strategy | Improve Your Mobile First Strategy

What are your law firm’s website CRO plans? – 3 simple strategies

Mobile Marketing Mistakes & Mobile App Marketing Mistakes

5 Rio 2016 Olympic advertising guidelines you need to beware of!

Fashion brands: Connect with your mobile audience using these 3 tips

6 Tools to make you a legal conversion rate expert

How marketing automation can help increase your fashion brand's revenue

Learn how to A/B test for your law firm today with these simple tips!

How to keep on top of the ever-changing ecommerce marketing trends

Content marketing user experience, a user experience content strategy


The benefits of mobile marketing in ecommerce



Best Fashion Ecommerce Websites | Free Responsive Fashion Website Examples Templates

Hit Search are shortlisted for an Online Retail Award two years in a row


Connect with your mobile customer using these 3 tips

Ways To Increase Content Marketing Conversion Rates

Mobile Ecommerce Trends: Mobile Ecommerce Trends 2018

CRO Strategy | A Successful CRO Marketing Strategy

How to integrate mobile into your fashion brand's current strategy


Are your social channels seamlessly integrated for the mobile user?

How to make sure your ecommerce site is mobile customer-centric


How retailers are engaging the mobile user

The importance of on-site personalisation for your fashion brand


What is marketing automation and why should your fashion brand care?


How To Improve Mobile Conversion Rates

Top Conversion Rate Optimization Tools | The Best Conversion Rate Optimisation Tools


Mobile Ecommerce Conversion Rate


Build a lasting relationship with the mobile user through CRO

How To Increase Conversion Rate in Email Marketing

Why simple mobile web design is key to creating great UX

Metrics On How To Measure Digital Marketing Performance

3 tips to engage your fashion brand's mobile customer

Best Legal Research Websites: 10 Mistakes To Avoid, To Give Your Users A Great Legal Website Experience

7 reasons you should have a mobile-friendly ecommerce site

Best Fashion Website Design | Fashion Website Design Ideas & Inspiration

15 Tips To Increase Website Conversion Rate

How to build a mobile-first strategy for your fashion brand

CRO For Law Firms | Tests To Perform To Aid Your CRO Strategy

Top 3 fashion mobile site conversion faux pas

Top 3 ecommerce mobile marketing trends to look out for

What is Omni Channel Testing | Omni Channel Tactics Tested

Guide to writing content for Google and your legal claimants

How to Increase Website Conversion Rate

Guide to using content marketing to optimise local search

Improve your content marketing strategy with these 3 tips

LinkedIn For Law Firms | LinkedIn Advertising For Law Firms & Legal Firms

Best CTA Buttons | Best CTA Button Text & Best Practices

Video Content Marketing Strategy | Digital Marketing Video Content

3 tips to keep your omni-channel strategy on track


Why omni-channel marketing is SO important introduction

Email marketing content tips: how to write effective email marketing content

3 omni-channel ideas you can implement for your brand - brief

Content Overload | How To Overcome Information Overload

Law Firm Video Marketing - Legal Video Marketing

How to increase your brand's Instagram following


Average Fashion Ecommerce Conversion Rate

How To Improve Your Content and Improve Website Content Marketing

Achieving unrivalled omni-channel customer service

Content Marketing And Publishing Strategies For Law Firms

3 ways you can use omni-channel marketing to become irresistible to customers

Visual Content Creation Tools For A Visual Content Marketing Strategy

How to boost online sales with CRO


Omni Channel Retail Strategy Success | Omni Channel Digital Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy Mistakes For Law Firms

Small Business Marketing Strategies That Work

Tips For Copy Writing | Copy Writing Marketing Tips Writing Web Copy

Using Social Media To Increase Sales | How To Use Social Media to Make Sales

How To Create A Successful Social Media Strategy

Multichannel Customer Experience Management | Multi Channel Journey & Enagement

Social Media Do's & Don'ts For Business | Social Media Mistakes to Avoid

10 Website Conversion Optimization Tips To Increase Website Conversion Rate

How To Increase Brand Visibility Online | Building Brand Visibility

How to reinforce trust in your legal firm with on-site content

Social Media Marketing Tips For Beginners

4 time-saving tools every fashion marketer should be using

Content Idea Tools | The Best Tools For Content Ideas

Ecommerce & Social Networking: Ecommerce Social Media Best Practices

Social Media Community Engagement Strategy & Community Management Tips

The pros and cons of omni-channel marketing

How To Generate Leads Through Social Media & How To Increase Leads Through Social Media

3 Tips to engage the omni-channel customer

Legal Outreach | Outreach For Law Firms

5 ways to Increase your firm's site traffic through Content Marketing

Outreach Tips | Blogger Outreach Tips That Every Marketer Should Know

How to build your brand personality using social media

5 Content Marketing Tips for any Budget

How to Build your Legal Firm’s Outreach Marketing Strategy

How to master social media like a pro for your fashion brand

Law Firms: How can you make your mark with on-site content?

Great Content Marketing Examples | The Best Content Marketing Tips

How to become a trusted fashion brand

How to Create Great Content for your Legal Firm

3 best approaches to building relationships with bloggers

Top 3 Content Marketing Trends of 2016 for the Legal Sector

How To Connect With Your Audience - Social Media

Why Content Marketing Is So Important | Why Content Marketing Works

Brand Consistency | Why Brand Consistency Matters Across Channels

4 Reasons Why Your Content Marketing Isn’t Working

6 common omni-channel marketing mistakes

How to Build your Content Marketing Strategy

How to meet the ever-rising expectations of customer experience

Creative Content Marketing Ideas

[VIDEO] Illuminating Insights: Content Marketing in the Legal Sector

Omni Channel Customer Service Strategy

3 on-site content ideas to adapt from top law firms

How brands approached consumer accessibility throughout Fashion Week

Why you'll never succeed at omni-channel marketing

Best law firm social media examples [with pictures]

5 facts about omni-channel marketing you need to know!

3 customer service issues solved by an omni-channel strategy

Marketing Misconceptions | The Worst Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

Benefits Of Content Marketing: Benefits Of A Content Marketing Campaign To A Business

3 things your competitors can teach you about omni-channel

How to become a legal industry thought leader

3 tools you need to become the ultimate legal content marketer

Best Social Media Management Tools

How to get your content noticed without spending a penny

Marketing Strategies That Work

Content marketing mistakes to avoid in the legal sector

Why We Love Omni-channel (And You Should, Too!)

Creative Ideas for Website Content | Creative Content Marketing Ideas

3 wrong ways to market your firm's content

Omni Channel Brand Experience | 3 omni-channel ideas for your brand

Law Firms: How to measure your content strategy

How to tell if your firm's content marketing is up to scratch

Legal firms: How content marketing fits into your digital strategy

Why omni-channel marketing is SO important

How to build your content strategy from scratch

What no one told your firm about content marketing

Making the step from multi-channel to omni-channel with ease

How to use content marketing to stand out in the legal sector

How To Generate More Leads From Your Website | How To Increase Leads

Content Marketing Guide - Beginners Guide To Content Marketing

3 top tips for omni-channel success

How to find the best content outreach places for your firm

Outreach Tactics: Effective Outreach Methods & How To Outreach Effectively

Content Campaign Strategy: Best Content Campaign Examples

How to kick start your omni-channel strategy

How to completely change the content strategy for your firm

How to connect your social channels with your e-commerce store

digital marketing channels: what are the best digital marketing channels

Website Looks Bad On Mobile Causing Users To Leave?

User Experience Mistakes Your Brand Should Avoid

Can you tick them all? 10 omni-channel checklist points

How next can inspire your omni-channel strategy introduction

Want better checkout conversion rates? Try these 3 strategies

How to Increase your fashion brand’s revenue this Christmas

Christmas Marketing Campaign Facts | Digital Marketing Christmas Tips

Christmas Sales Strategies | Christmas Marketing Tips

Fashion Market Segmentation & Targeting | Target Market Examples for Fashion Industry

Burberry Christmas Campaign

Digital Marketing Christmas | Digital Marketing Tips for Christmas

How to make sure your brand oozes Christmas appeal

How to best utilise social media across the festive period

Is your brand ready? How to take advantage of Cyber Monday

Top 3 takeaways from past social Christmas campaigns in fashion

Black Friday Tips for Retailers | Black Friday Marketing Strategy

How to measure your omni-channel strategy

Omni Channel In Fashion Retail | What is Omni Channel Fashion Retail

Omni Channel in Fashion Retail - Tips

How to steal omni-channel tactics from your competitors

Fashion brand essentials: Selecting new digital channels

Measuring Organic Search Traffic

How to analyse your current digital marketing channels

How Topshop embrace their omni-channel strategy

Fashion brands: How to merge social with online shopping

The biggest barriers to fashion omni-channel marketing

How to encourage customers to engage cross-channel with your brand

Tools to help you become an omni-channel fashion brand

How to nail cross-channel customer service

What can you learn from Oasis’ omni-channel strategy?

Rules for approaching a cross-device strategy

A beginner’s guide to becoming an omni-channel fashion brand

Shocking cross-device and cross-channel e-commerce stats

Omni Channel Strategy | Omni Channel Digital Strategy

Multi-channel VS omni-channel: What’s the difference?

Omni-channel checklist: Can your fashion brand tick all 10?

5 key benefits of a fashion omni-channel strategy

How Next can inspire your omni-channel strategy

Top 3 things your fashion omni-channel strategy NEEDS

Digital Marketing Mistakes To Avoid

3 simple ways to engage your target market at Christmas time

Why your fashion brand needs to invest in mobile

Best Fashion Content Marketing | Fashion Content Writing Strategy

Fashion Hashtags | Hashtags For Clothing & Fashion Brands #Hashtags

How to please your e-commerce customers

How to make sure your fashion marketing emails are opened

Fashion Bloggers Instagram Tips & Top Fashion Hashtags Instagram

Just how valuable is customer feedback for your fashion brand?

How to deliver social customer service the right way

Supermarket Fashion: The Multi-channel Integration Challenge

CRO Audit Checklist - Conversion Rate Optimisation Checklist

Ecommerce Checkout Conversion Rate Optimization

User Experience Mistakes Your Fashion Brand Should Avoid

Top Conversion Rate Tips for Busy Marketers

The Key Benefits of Fantastic User Experience

How to Drive Revenue with Conversion Rate Optimisation

Good User Experience Design Examples | Best UX Design Examples

Why your Mobile Users are Leaving your Fashion Website

How to Create Exceptional User Experience

Banish low conversion rates for good with these 3 tips

CRO Mistakes | The Conversion Rate Don'ts

Joules.com CRO Review: How Not to Lose Revenue [Click here to view infographic]

Conversion Rate Analysis | Website Conversion Analysis

CRO: How to Drive Revenue Through a Fashion Website

How to Fix a Poorly Converting Fashion Website 

Best Conversion Rates Website | Best Website Design for Conversion

The Top Fashion E-commerce Conversion Rate Tricks

The 7 Deadliest Sins Of Poorly Converting Fashion Websites


Most Shocking Fashon Brand Social Media Mistakes

Luxury Brand Marketing | conversion rate optimisation for luxury brands

Digital Attribution Modelling | Digital Marketing Attribution Models


The Legal Customer Journey: A Pannone Review


Top 5 SEO-Friendly eCommerce Platforms

Are Elite Fashion Brands Behind on the E-commerce Landscape?

Making a case for programmatic display advertising in the fashion industry

Secrets to Success – How To Create A Successful PPC Campaign For Legal Brands

5 important things to get right with online display advertising for retail

5 Instagram Tips for Fashion Brands

Why Outreach Is Different For The Legal Sector?

At a glance review of Demon-Tweeks.co.uk – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Hobbs – A fashion CRO review

3 Proven Strategies to Drive eCommerce Revenue

3 Tips On How To Use Social Media To Drive Low Cost Case Volumes

Are your Google Shopping Ads working for you?

50% of your mobile traffic is now coming from a mobile device. Now what?

Help! I am moving my fashion brand online and don’t know where to start!

Top 5 Tips For Engaging With Retail Bloggers

Digital TV: Can fashion brands successfully drive awareness and action through TV?

Breaking News – Facebook Leaks Information About Instagram Advertising

Cruise SEO and online marketing – how should you measure your success?

Could River Island be doing more with social media?

Put The Wind Back In Your Sales – 5 Must See Mobile Marketing Tips For Cruise Providers

Set Sail for Conversion – how cruise providers can chart the seas of attribution modelling

Are Your Measurements Correct? Measuring The Right Elements In A Fashion SEO Campaign

Content Marketing for ecommerce retailers

Why should cruise brands understand and use programmatic display?

Engaging Content Marketing for Retailers

Content Marketing Like A Boss With Cruise Brands

How cruise brands can sail in the right direction with programmatic display

Google Mobile Algorithm Case Study – These Two Fashion Brands Need Help, And Fast

The top 5 questions our travel clients ask us about digital – and the answers

No Cookies For Facebook, But It’s Still Following You Around

Cruising for a bruising: will Google mobile update sink these travel brands?

How could Royal Caribbean take search performance to another level?

Which of the top fashion brand websites performed the best for customers AND search engines?

PPC Help – 5 Recent Google Adwords Updates that are critical to eCommerce?

How Google Penguin Sunk the Cruise Market

What marketing channels should be included in a retail attribution model? – Infographic

Is Cruise118.com plain sailing for customers? A CRO review at a glance

Pure London Exhibition Photos

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Hit Search and University of Liverpool in Twitter Data Collaboration

Don’t Be a Glasshole: Google Release Official Guidelines for Users of Google Glass

Facebook Snaps Up WhatsApp Mobile Messaging Service in $19bn Takeover Deal

Hit Search look to expand content team

Mobile browsing on the rise but so are abandoned baskets from mobile stores

Hit Search Makes Prolific North List of Top 50 Digital Agencies for 2014

Hit Search launches Brand New Site with improved functionality and videos

Hit Search to recruit 3 major new roles as company eyes expansion

Content is King: Tweaking Your Calls to Action Can Boost Your Conversion Rate

Mobile Stats Added to Google Webmaster Tools – Data No Longer Rounded Up

Rap Genius returns to Google search for brand name – how to avoid their fate

A third of Boxing Day PPC conversions and revenue were made via by tablet

Google Shopping Adds More 360 Degree Product Images for Tech Products

Social Media Users Not Leaving Facebook – They Just Use Other Networks Too

Google Smackdown – Another Link Network Backlinks.com in the Crosshairs

Facebook to Introduce Video Advertising Placement in News Feeds This Week?

Hit Search Lands a Place on the Recommended Agency Register Top 100

Google Introduces Viewability Based Trading Service Across Ad Network

Ofcom says Online Spending in the UK is up by 16% per Person

Google Takes First Step Towards Monetising Social Network with +Post Ads

UK Retail Enjoys Sales Boom on Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Google Expands In-Depth Articles Feature Within Its Search Results

Nicole Scherzinger Edges Gary Barlow in This Week’s X Factor Popularity Contest on Twitter

The X Factor on Twitter: Gary Barlow and Luke Friend Rule the Online Roost This Weekend

X Factor Luke in Twitter Spike Following Sing Off Survival & Shock Makeover

Hit Search Hits the Red Carpet at the MI Awards 2013

John Lewis (Retail) Gets a Handle on Social Media with Twitter Mix-Up Win

X Factor on Twitter – Abi Alton Packs Her Bags While Twitter Reacts to Exit

X Factor Judge Nicole Scherzinger is the Hot Topic on Twitter Ahead of Big Band Week

Sober Scherzinger Tops X Factor Popularity Vote, as Kingsland Hit the Road

Nicole Scherzinger Leads the Twitter Buzz Ahead of Disco Week on X Factor

One Direction Top Index of Most Influential Twitter Users in the UK

Value of Social Media Marketing: Twitter Revenue Per Visitor Up 300 Per Cent Year on Year

X Factor Buzz Review – Tearful Teen Abi Tops Twitter Activity in Week 3

Gary Barlow Beats Nicole Scherzinger to Most Twitter Mentions in Week Two of X Factor

Google Trials Massive Banner Ads on Brand Terms – But Why?

Google Launches Project Shield to Protect Against Cyber Attacks

Hit Search Shortlisted for MiAwards thanks to Innovative B2C Campaign

HitSearch Shortlisted for MiAwards thanks to Innovative B2C Campaign

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Google Trusted Stores Accreditation Gives Online Retailers the Edge Over Competitors

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Google Analytics Update – Hit Search Team Give Their Views on New Features

Google Analytics Update – HitSearch Team Give Their Views on New Features

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Asda PR Horror Show Highlights Importance of Reputation Management Online

Crackdown on Fake Online Reviews as US Companies Fined

Apple iOS7 Update Returns Search Referrer in Google Analytics

Hit Search Launches Health and Safety Survey for Major B2B Client

HitSearch Launches Health and Safety Survey for Major B2B Client

Bing Update Improves Layout and Optimises for Mobile and Tablet

It’s Back – Yahoo Answers Gets a Makeover for Mobile

Twitter Hints at Increased Mobile Ad Opportunities with Talk of IPO

Head of Digital – Liverpool, Merseyside

Facebook Ads – Bigger and Better

Google Video: Matt Cutts Allays Fears Over Nofollow Links

HitSearch Announce New Recruit, New Service and New Client Win

Hit Search Announce New Recruit, New Service and New Client Win

Next Android Operating System to be Named… Lollipop?

Are Your Search Ads Smartwatch Ready?

Christmas: An On-line Strategy For Retailers…

Google Unveils Android KitKat OS

Angry British Airways Customer Buys Promoted Tweet to Complain About Airline

Microsoft Pays Billions for Nokia Mobile Phones

Google Keyword Planner Officially Replaces Keyword Tool

HitSearch Stars in New Video

Twitter Hires Its First Head of Commerce as it Looks to Move into Online Shopping

Retailers Put Faith in Google Product Listing Ads

New Google Adwords Report Brings Organic and Paid Query Data Together

Google Now Expands with Concert Tix and TV Reminders

Yahoo Overtakes Google in US for Monthly Website Traffic

Google Patents Glass Technology for Pay Per Gaze Advertising System

Mobile Versus Desktop – Who is Winning the Battle for Web Users?

#SocialJet takes to the Skies as Airline takes to the Web

Facebook Working on Mobile Payments

Facebook Testing VIP App to Help Celebrities Easily Reach Out to Fans

75% of Smartphone Users will Delete Emails That Aren’t Mobile Ready

Do On-line Brands Care What You Think?

Webmaster Tools Manual Spam Actions Viewer Update – Full Launch Delayed

Google Webmaster Tools gets Manual Spam Actions Viewer

Research Finds that Search Engines Do Not Actively Promote Pirated Content

Now Google Goes Head to Head with Spotify

Facebook Announces Updates to News Feed Algorithms to Promote Older, Popular Stories

Google Launches Range of New Tools with its AdWords Display Planner

Google Announces Major YouTube Updates

Yahoo! Acquires Social Web Browser Start-Up Rockmelt

Twitter Search Update Brings In Photos and More

Twitter Launches TV Ad Targeting Service in US Following Successful Beta Testing Phase

Google Launches Chromecast Dongle for TV Streaming, Hoping to Push More Advertising Avenues

Facebook Beats Expectations with Mobile Revenue up to 41% of Total Ad Income

Is a Fake Twitter Hack Good for PR? Fast Food Joint Chipotle Says Yes!

Royal Baby News Has Brands Scrambling to Celebrate the Birth (and Push Their PR Campaigns)

Dislike Button? Not Quite, But Facebook Wants to Know Why You Hide Posts

Google Adword Enhanced Campaigns Go Live for All, so What Does This Mean for PPC?

Is Google Building a Speech Translator? New Patents Say Yes

Most Consumers Will Recommend a Brand They've Interacted With on Social Media

Building Your Business Profile Page on Twitter

How Twitter Tests the Pulse of the Nation

Graph Search Optimisation in Our Future? Facebook Rolls Out New Search Feature in US

Facebook Graph Search Goes Public Today

Google Enhanced Adwords Campaigns Coming Soon – Be Prepared

5 Simple Ways to get More from Content Marketing

Using Hootsuite Pro to Manage Your Social Media Campaigns

How To Recover Your Website After Google Penguin Updates

Five Tips for Managing Your Brand's Online Reputation

Top 10 Tips on Managing your Online Reputation

Over Two Thirds of UK Shoppers Abandon Online Baskets Before Checkout

HitSearch Publishes Content Marketing Handbook

British Man Gets £13k Reward from Facebook for Highlighting Security Flaw

Google Local Carousel Results Almost Half of All Click Throughs

Social Media measurability & the false economy of faking

Google Claim EU Restrictions on Search Will Hurt Innovation

Google Launches Dynamic Retargeting for Retailers

Man of Steel Tweets from Women Double after Viewers Get an Eyeful of the New Superman

Google Launches Knowledge Graph Carousel on Local Search Results

The Story of EE, Twitter and the Missing Glastonbury Ticket

Is the Man of Steel a Man of Twitter Appeal?

How to defend your business from negative reviews on Google Places

Google Penguin Update – HitSearch Assesses the Damage

How to defend your Hotel or Resort from negative reviews on Trip Advisor

No Egg on Our Faces as HitSearch Calls it Right at BGT Final

Britain's Got Talent on Twitter – Shadow Dancers Attraction the Favourite with Fans

Google Boasts 74% Market Share of US Search Ad Revenue

Is Simon Cowell Still the Most Popular Judge on Britain's Got Talent 2013?

Google Rolls Out Thousands of Food Nutrition Info Bites

Twitter Launches Two Step Authentication to Combat Hacking

BBC Most Popular UK News Site in Google News Listings

Yahoo! Agrees Billion Dollar Takeover Deal for Blogging Service Tumblr

Cafes in US Ban Google Glass Over Privacy Fears

Manchester United Social Media Team Jump the Gun Over New Manager David Moyes

Bing Integrates Klout Q&A Content into Top Search Results

Twitter predicts who should replace Sir Alex Ferguson @ Manchester United

Facebook Video Ads Set to Launch This Summer

Google Responds to Yahoo with Acquisition of News Summarisation App Wavii

Google Brings Google Now Functionality to iOS Apps

Google Rolls Out Changes to Search Listings, Drops Preview and Adds Share Function

Google Glass May Not Launch to the Public for Another Year

Bing Responds to Study Claiming Search Results Expose Users to Malware

Google Announces That Adding Too Many Pages In One Go May Flag Site to Be Reviewed

Brits Spend 13 Minutes an Hour on Social Media

Britain's Got Talent on Twitter

Google Image Search Update Results in 63% Less Referral Traffic

Google Captures Team from Social Prediction Start Up Behavio

PC Sales Plummet as Consumers Turn to Tablets and Smartphones

Major Google Penguin Update Expected

Google Set For Billion Dollar Takeover of WhatsApp

Twitter Relaunches the Twitter for Business Site Complete with New Content and Business

Facebook Launches Home App for Android Devices

Google Reclaims No1 Spot for Digital Display Ads in 2012, by Out-Selling Facebook

Britain's Got Talent on Twitter: Simon Cowell Most Popular Judge but Ant & Dec Beat Them All

Google Faces Legal Threat from European Regulators Over Privacy Concerns

Sponsored Content Should Be Kept Out of Google News

Google Adds Opt-Out Tool for Vertical Search Services

Channel 4 and Friends Lead the Way in TV Social Media Battle

HitSearch Passes Annual ISO 9001 Quality Audit

Google Reinstates RSS Reader Extension to Chrome Browser

Google Penguin Updates Becoming Stricter

Google Panda Updates will no Longer be Officially Announced

Google Unveils Latest Round of Interface Updates

Google Panda Update 25 Rumoured to Have Landed

HitSearch Celebrates Red Nose Day

Google will Integrate Panda Updates into its Search Algorithm

Google Scraps Reader in New Round of Service Cuts

Google Combines Search and Social Media as 75% of Major Global Brands Adopt Google+

Facebook Likes Used to Predict Personality Traits

HitSearch grows on back of recent retail wins

MasterChef Inspires HitSearch Staff to Keep on Cooking for Charity

HitSearch Wins Award for SEO from Leading Authority TopSEOs

Google Update – Interflora Now Ranking for Brand Terms

Over Half of Mobile Web Users Now Comfortable with Mobile Advertising

MasterChef Champion Salutes HitSearch Charity Burritos

Reputation Management: The Impact of a Google Penalty on Interflora Brand Searches

Google Panda Update Celebrates 2nd Birthday

Celebs at Centre of Oscars Social Media Buzz

Google Denies Unannounced Google Penguin Updates

Google Unveils Its Glass Eyewear Interface

New Bing Ads Reporting Interface Completely Replaces Old

Burger King Twitter Account Hacked and Rebranded as… McDonald's

Google Market Share Up to 67%, Bing Share Higher Than Ever

Yahoo Draws on Google's Ad Network to Drive Growth

Google to Pay Apple up to $1bn to Remain Default iOS Search Engine

Twitter Teams Up with American Express for 'Pay by Tweet' System

Google Scraps 'Not Selected' Filter in Webmaster Tools

Google Introduces Adwords Enhanced Campaigns for Greater Focus on Mobile Users

Twitter Mentioned in Half of TV Commercials During Super Bowl; Facebook Only 8%

Report States Twitter is Fastest Growing Social Platform Online

Google Panda Strikes Again with 1.2% of Search Queries Affected

Power of Social Media During Major Events Highlighted as Obama Inauguration Causes Twitter Disruptions

Facebook Rumoured to be Launching New Search Engine

Digital Sales Up By 11.4%

SEO, PPC and Brand Management: Digital Due Diligence Best Practices

Twitter: Paralympian David Weir closing on Mo Farah for BBC Sports Personality of the Year

Improve SEO by Improving the Structure of Internal Links

Twitter: Mo Farah favourite for Sports Personality of the Year 2012

International SEO – Yandex Moves to Personalised Search

A Video Sitemap Can Boost the SEO Efforts for Video Content on Your Site

Tulisa is Most Tweeted About X Factor Judge This Year… but Gary is the Most Popular

X Factor Finalist James Dominates Twitter Activity Says HitSearch's Reputation Management Software

How a Strong Call to Action will Ensure Your SEO Efforts are Not in Vain

Improve SEO Link Building by Paying Attention to the Cache Date

HitSearch Earns Place on Recommended Agency Register for Search Engine Marketing Specialists

Five Festive Tips To Prepare Your Social Media Campaign This Christmas

HitSearch look to expand SEO Team

Five Reasons Your Business Should Get Involved in Google+

Google Panda Attack: Five Causes & Solutions

Is Your Business Ready for Cyber Monday? 5 Simple Tips

Do Not Underestimate the Importance of a Well Structured URL, say SEO Specialists HitSearch Limited

SEO – Five Areas YOUR Business Should Concentrate On

Combat Google Updates with Back to Basics SEO

Reviewing Your SEO Agency? – 5 Questions A Business Owner MUST Ask

HitSearch Limited Ranked as One of Best SEO Agencies in the UK by Leading Independent Authority

Three Brand New Google Nexus Devices Introduced to Undercut Apple in Mobile Computing Market

Twitter Trends – Tweet Numbers Post US Election in Colarado and Ohio

Google Confirms Latest Google Panda Update

US Election – Twitter Share of Voice in Final Week

Twitter Tips Obama to Pip Romney in Swing State Ohio

Twitter Predicts Romney to Beat Obama in Colorado Swing State

Gary Barlow is Most Tweeted About X Factor Judge but 'Fag Ash Breath' Comment Sends Tulisa Tweets Through the Roof

Lack of Twitter Buzz Makes District3 and Chris Maloney Favourites for X Factor Exit Door

Facebook Reports a Loss but Revenues Up in Third Quarter

X Factor James Wins Popularity Contest on Twitter… But Rylan Still Makes the Most Noise!

Microsoft and Google Profits Fall but What Does It Mean For Search?

Twitter Reveals X-Factor Favourites – Who is Trending, and Are They Trending for the Right Reasons?

Google Introduces Disavow Links Tool to Google Webmaster Central to Help Boost Positive SEO

Business Founded by Conservative Chairman Grant Shapps Breaches Google Plagiarism Rules

New Mini Tablet Computers Further Importance of a Mobile Ready Company Website

Twitter Changes Advertising to Be More Targeted to Users

Content Takedown Requests Made to Google Doubles to 1.5m Per Week

Web Domain Disputes Reach New High in 2012

Apple Seeking Ban on Sale of Samsung Phones in US After Court Ruling

Ofcom Allows Everything Everywhere to Begin 4G Mobile Internet Roll-Out in September

Google Accused of Paying Bloggers to Cover US Lawsuit with Oracle

Twitter Changes to Restrict the Creation of Third Party Applications Anger Users

Facebook Shares Reach New Low, Facebook Advertisers to be Given More Access to Users

Adobe Withdraws Flash Player Support from Android Devices

UK Broadband Speeds Up To 20 Per Cent Faster

Google Buys Frommer’s Travel Guides to improve its Reviews and Local Listings Service

HMV to Open Specialist Social Media Cafe

Google Announces Changes to Search to Combat Pirated Content

Google Voice Search App for Apple Gadgets Updated to Use Google Knowledge Graph

Google will Extend Knowledge Graph to Global Audience and Introduce Gmail Content to Search

Facebook Launches New Mobile Ad Unit for Promoting Apps

83 Million Facebook User Accounts False, the Social Network Claims

Simple Ways to Improve SEO

Microsoft to Replace Hotmail Service with Outlook in Free Webmail Switch

Google Acquires Social Media Start-Up Wildfire

Facebook Reports Losses in First Results since Stock Market Listing

Google Webmaster Tools Update Introduces New Index Status Feature

Baidu Report Profits Boost Thanks to Online Advertising Revenue

Chirp App Sends Data Between iPhones Using Sound

Google Shocked by Demand for Nexus 7 Tablet

Tech Wars – The Winners and Losers, Starring Microsoft and Google

Microsoft Windows 8 will Launch in October, the Tech Giant Confirms

Old Version of Google Analytics to be Retired Tomorrow

New Yahoo CEO Faces Big Challenge as Company Profits Dip

Yahoo Poaches High Profile Google Exec for New CEO Role

Microsoft Reveals Mobile-Optimised Office 2013

Search Marketing Spend Continues to Rise in First Quarter of 2012

Competition for Mobile Domain Heats up as Apple Announce Smaller Cheaper iPad

Fake Profiles Devaluing Facebook Likes

Social News Site Digg Sold to Rival

Facebook Introduces Brand New Calendar View



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