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Are your social channels seamlessly integrated for the mobile user?

When we say integrated, your mobile users need to be able to access your social channels with ease, from actually finding the icons to being able to seamlessly interact with your brand cross-channel. So, are yours utilised as much as possible for the mobile user cross device and channel? If your answer is ‘I’m not sure’, check out the post below: Are your social channels seamlessly integrated for the mobile user?

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are your social channel seamlessly integrated?

Firstly, are your social icons and social share buttons easy to find?

We’re assuming you encourage social sharing because it can help boost your brand awareness and, aside from that, it’s become an expected feature for most ecommerce sites. But where do you put them on your mobile responsive design, to ensure they’re not in the way or forgotten about at the same time? Well, in order to avoid damaging your conversion rate, you’ll probably want to try and keep them on the page after they’ve checked out. In terms of social channel icons, you need to stick to the mainstream icons, as they’re obviously well-recognised, but they also tuck away neatly into a mobile view. Take the below watch brand Nixon as an example (left). Their social icons blend in, perhaps a little too well for the mobile user to find. Whereas, looking at the Next mobile site, their social icons (right) stand out perfectly for those mobile users looking to connect with the brand’s social community. Take care when placing them for the mobile user!

Nixon social media icons exampleNext mobile site social media icons

Try and monetise each channel

Image-led platforms including Instagram and Pinterest, can help increase your fashion brand’s conversion rate. Customers browsing your products, want to really see the product, from close-up shots of the material, to the item as part of an outfit. Customers want to be inspired by your brand. That’s why the ‘buy it’ button on Pinterest, and the ‘Like2Buy’ link on Instagram are perfect opportunities to monetise these social channels. Making that connection between your site and your social channels easy for the mobile customer is crucial to appeal to this ever-growing and ever-demanding market. Facebook also started trialling their app browser, which means your mobile customer can still browse your products without leaving Facebook, making the mobile customer experience a much easier one!

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