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Google Search Console: How mobile usability data can be used to increase your sales and revenue

Mobile is becoming an increasingly dominant force in E-commerce. While not yet the number one online shopping device for all retail brands, it is increasing its share rapidly. According to figures..

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3 ways to help ensure your Black Friday promotion doesn't detract from Christmas revenue

Black Friday is an American import that has become an important retail event in the UK. In the US, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving, which is a public holiday. Traditionally, retailers..

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Top PPC tips for the travel industry

The world of digital marketing is forever changing, and the way people travel and book their trips has changed beyond recognition in the last couple of decades. Paid search plays a big part in..

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How your insurance company can make the most out of sponsorships

Sponsoring local sports teams, relevant events and donating to charity is a tried and tested method of gaining some good PR, marketing reach and raising brand awareness. But, did you know it can..

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Why Use Paid Social Media

As the major social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Snapchat mature, their need to monetise their platforms becomes ever more important. You may have noticed that..

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How to write effective FAQs for your insurance website

Many insurance companies do not give much thought to their frequently asked questions, more commonly known as FAQs; they are often an afterthought and sometimes little time or resources are put..

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Social Media Marketing For Insurance Companies

Paid social media advertising offers a level of targeting that traditional media cannot match. It is ideal for niche insurers, who need to target a specific hard-to-reach demographic. Social media..

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How client testimonials help your firm's site visitors convert

Testimonial pages can serve as an important platform for building trust and encouraging conversions. According to the Law Gazette’s Legal Service Consumer Panel, almost a quarter of those surveyed..

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Why email marketing should play a major role in your firm's digital strategy

The UK Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has stated in their Email Tracking Report 2017 that email is still consumers’ number one preferred marketing channel. Email can be an effective way to..

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How creating downloadable content for your law firm helps convert visitors

When you’re creating your content marketing strategy, high quality, exclusive and gated downloadable content should be on your tactics list. Not only are you providing a useful and engaging piece..

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