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Mobile first indexing - and what it means for retail brands

Earlier this year, Google announced that it would be changing the way it indexes pages to a “mobile-first” algorithm, in keeping with the shift in how the majority of people use search.  In short;..

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Three mistakes retail brands make when working with influencers

Working with influencers is not a new approach within the retail sector, with more and more brands realising the benefits of using social media personalities to showcase their products to a new..

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Micro Influencers | Micro Influencer Campaigns & Marketing Agency

From bloggers to vloggers, the spectrum of digital influencers is continuously growing and evolving, but while many brands enter into a ‘digital Hunger Games’ to work with people who have a couple..

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Christmas Instagram | Brands' Amazing Christmas Instagram Tags & Photos

At Hit Search, our expert retail team always keep one of their digital marketing ears close to the ground when it comes to social media trends. So, with many brands entering the battle to promote..

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