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 How to measure the progress of your firm’s campaigns

Measuring the progress of your legal firm’s marketing campaigns is a vital part of the entire process – without measuring the campaigns, you will be unable to tell if they are successful or not...

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How remarketing can help your firm convert more visitors

Visitors to your site may not always be looking to convert – some may be browsing for educational purposes, for example. However, even for those who are searching for a legal firm for a specific..

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How To Attract Traffic To Your Website | Attract More Traffic To Your Website

When devising a strategy to attract traffic to your law firm’s website, it is important to remember that prioritising quality over quantity is key – it is far more valuable to appeal to a smaller..

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The Benefits of Local SEO for Law Firms

As we all know, local SEO can be a very powerful marketing tool if used properly. No matter the size of your business, targeting customers or clients in the area near where your office is based is..

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