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Helen Jackson

Banish low conversion rates for good with these 3 tips

Banishing low conversion rates is something we all dream of and, particularly when you have an e-commerce website to take care of, it’s even more important. A conversion for an e-commerce site is mainly focused around a purchase. So, in this post we tell you how you can banish your low conversion rates for good.

Test, test, test and then test again

Testing your website on a regular basis can play a crucial part in increasing your conversion rates. It’s important that you get more than one opinion on your site functionality, and no, we don’t just mean ask two members of staff instead of one! You should ask for honest feedback from all staff members, they need to believe in the website product as much as your customers. Getting them to test and report back through different website design/optimisation stages is a must.

Secondly, you should be compiling user experience feedback from your target audience. Be careful though, getting feedback from an audience that isn’t your target market will be unreliable and invalid. You need to listen to those who will, have or could possibly buy from your fashion brand in the future. Creating focus groups packed full of your target market will result in some fantastically valuable feedback.


Listen to your current customers

It’s important you don’t alienate your current customers in your ongoing search for new customer relationships. It can be tempting to direct all digital marketing toward obtaining new customers, but it’s perhaps more important to ensure you hold onto your existing customers. The more you can hold onto them and delight them with your customer service and caring company nature, the more chances you’ll create brand advocates. The more you can organically encourage word of mouth marketing, positive reviews and generally good brand feedback, the more people will organically search for your fashion brand.


Use tailored CRO techniques

CRO, or conversion rate optimisation, combines our first two points perfectly. After you’ve listened to your target market and staff, and are focusing your digital marketing efforts on retaining existing and obtaining new customers, you can then optimise your website to best fit their needs. Implementing generic CRO changes is all well and good, but what you really need to do is implement changes that answer your audiences’ needs. Have they highlighted a need for an ‘add to wish list’ feature? Maybe they think your product images aren’t clear enough?

Whatever issues they highlight, you should do your best to fulfil them, to really help banish your low conversion rates for good!

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