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Andy Donaldson

Content Campaign Strategy: Best Content Campaign Examples

Building a strong, successful campaign is what every marketer aims to produce. But it can be harder than it looks. Catching the eye of your target market, when they’re in need of your legal services and sending them the right message can be very tricky indeed.

Content marketing can be a very effective inbound marketing tool, increasing your brand awareness. Increased brand exposure can help your firm become a dominant industry thought leader. A firm that your target market look to for advice and eventually, hopefully, purchase your legal services.

So, how can you ensure you deliver a strong content marketing campaign? Here’s how…


Have an underlying campaign message

Making sure all your campaigns have the same underlying message creates campaign continuity. Campaign continuity can speak volumes, strengthening your content campaigns and your marketing strategy overall. For example, if, at the heart of your campaign, was a particular legal-related competition promoting a particular message, make sure you’re promoting this competition cross-channel in order to synergise your content campaigns.

Be clear, concise and authoritative

You need to have confidence throughout your content campaigns. But, as we all know, there’s a fine line between confidence and arrogance, so you need to be careful how you come across. Being as clear as you can throughout your lines of communication is imperative. Sometimes cutting through the legal acronyms and phrases, can be tiresome as a customer. So nice and clear, concise and authoritative will ensure your customers sit up and take notice!

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes

To a point, of course it matters what you think about your campaigns, but, it matters more so what your customers would think. Are you providing relevant and interesting information to your target market? If your answer is anything but yes, you need to go back to the drawing board and firstly figure out exactly what it is your customers want answers to. A great way to ensure you retrieve relevant wants and needs from your potential customers, is to gather a focus group packed full of your target market.

Want EVEN MORE content marketing tips? Check out these 9 content marketing tips for the legal sector in our eBook.

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