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Good User Experience Design Examples | Best UX Design Examples

Great user experience will greatly improve your site conversion rate, that’s a fact. So, if you’ve been struggling to generate innovative user experience ideas for your fashion brand, then don’t worry. Here at Hit Search, we’ve compiled some of our favourite user experience examples to share with you, in the hope that they will inspire you to make some user experience changes of your own!

Ever heard of clustering?

Instead of honing in on a particular item of clothing, many fashion brands, including Paris fashion brand Bonarium, are adopting a ‘clustering’ approach to selling their stock. Clustering is basically focusing on promoting an outfit rather than just one product. Seeing an outfit as a whole helps create a more holistic approach to the users’ shopping experience. Inspiring your users through clustering, can not only help your fashion brand increase conversion rates but it helps you to ultimately strengthen the innovative side of your brand.

Show-stopping featured images

In the fashion industry, you can’t afford not to have eye-catching images of your products. A fashion giant who embraces large, show-stopping imagery is Prada. Landing on their homepage you’re met with the screen-filling, superior quality images of their latest SS/16 line. You can scroll through a variety of images but we clicked on the SS/16 image, which takes you directly to the SS/16 line. As user experience goes, it’s not only beautiful and elegant in its design, but as a visitor you become engrossed in browsing their products almost immediately.

Interactive Instagram

Next.com offer their Instagram followers a nice easy route to purchase, with the help of their innovative user experience idea. With Instagram being an image-led social platform, it’s perfect for any fashion brand looking to share some high-quality product images. Visiting Next’s official Instagram page, clicking the link in their biography takes you through to a Like2Buy link, where you can click on your desired item and from there are taken direct to that specific product page on the retailer’s website. Not only that, you can create a ‘wish list’ by simply liking an image on the Next Instagram account. A great way to connect your brand with your social audience!

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