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Helen Jackson

How to Drive Revenue with Conversion Rate Optimisation

Revenue is the backbone of any business, in any industry, we all know that. Generating revenue can be difficult and expensive, but it doesn’t actually have to be either of those things! Using conversion rate optimisation, you can drive revenue through your fashion website in many different ways.

So, we’ve put together our top tips on how to drive revenue with conversion rate optimisation!

Tackle pages with the highest bounce rates

Firstly, you should analyse the analytics behind your website, whether your fashion site is using the Google Analytics platform or another analysing platform, you should be able to see the percentage of bounce rates on each of your web pages. The higher the percentage, the bigger your problem. So start with the pages with the highest bounce rates. Visit the page yourself, why could your visitors be landing on this page and bouncing straight off it? Do they have to fill in a complicated form? Is the page they’ve landed on completely irrelevant to the link they clicked on to get here? Once you’ve managed to lower your bounce rates, there’s more chance visitors will stick around and explore your site, hopefully leading to a conversion.

Build an organic mailing list

OK, so you’ve tackled your pages with the highest bounce rates, now what should you do? As your pages are now optimised for the user, you can think about adding some relevant calls-to-action around your website. Many fashion brands implement a pop-up newsletter form, urging visitors to sign up for the latest news, trends or newest products. Building an organic mailing list can help your fashion brand drip relevant email marketing to your target audience, introducing new products this way can help, not only raise awareness of your new stock, but it also encourages your customers to constantly re-engage with your brand.

Promote your USPs

If you don’t promote your USPs, no one will know about them for starters but, perhaps most importantly, you can’t really compete. Competition in the fashion industry is fierce, so show your target market what they’re missing out on. Whether you’re offering premium priced products or economy priced products, you need to shout about what makes your brand different. If you have exceptional levels of customer service, free UK delivery or a 2 for 1 bargain, add it into a site-wide banner feature on your website, this way your visitors will be constantly reminded of your fantastic USPs. Don’t forget to push these USPs out across social media – everyone needs to know!

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