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How to find the best content outreach places for your firm

You’ve put thought, research and effort into your content, so it’s important that you’re not just outreaching it to any site. You need to understand what makes a site great, are you looking for a great social outreach aspect for this particular content marketing campaign? Or perhaps you’re after a website that has high post interaction from your target market. Whatever it is you’re looking to prioritise, how do you go about finding it?

We’ve put together some great tips for finding the best content outreach places for your firm!

Check your competitors' backlink profiles!

Use a blogger outreach platform

Using blogger outreach software such as GroupHigh or Buzzstream not only helps you keep track of which blogs and websites you’ve contacted and when, but they can also help you identify new blogger opportunities. Filtering your search via industry, ensures the results brought back are highly-relevant to your firm. With the results brought back, you can easily identify new outreach opportunities, with access to the latest post titles, social reach and engagement levels, using this kind of software minimises the time wasted when searching manually for new content outreach opportunities for the legal sector.

Ask your customers where they visit

Finding out where your current customers visit for up-to-date legal advice, or general legal news, can be a great start to your outreach journey. Knowing that your current customers from your target market regularly visit a particular website is valuable information. Industry digital magazines can be difficult to get content placed with. However, ensuring that they know your sole aim for this content is to pass on highly-relevant and interesting information to their audience, without heavily promoting yourself, can improve the chances of your content being used.

Keep an eye on your competitors’ backlinks

Keeping an eye on your competitors’ backlinks, is a great way to see where other law firms are marketing their content and which keywords their using as anchor text, also. You might unearth some great industry websites this way, and if they’ve placed outreached content for your competitors, they might be willing to take content from your firm too. Monitoring competitors’ backlinks can also help you generating some new content ideas. For example, your competitors’ may have outreached an eye-catching infographic and it’s been picked up and linked to by many industry-leading websites, perhaps highlighting you could venture down a similar content marketing path.

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