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How to Improve the Conversion Rate of Your Fashion Website

How to improve the conversion rate of your fashion website

This is a question we are constantly asked here at Hit Search. The digital marketing landscape is continually evolving so it can be difficult enough to keep your competitors in your sights, never mind trying to overtake them. That’s why it’s crucial to understand the importance of your users’ site experience. If you don’t put your user first, the chances of them converting will be significantly lowered and your bounce rate will be sky-high, so you won’t be overtaking your competitors any time soon!

Ensure your checkout is jam-packed by making these improvements.


1. Offer a wide variety of payment methods

 You offer standard credit/debit card payment, but a lot of fashion websites now offer the option to pay with PayPal. Using PayPal is a much shorter checkout experience for your users; it’s so much more convenient. High street fashion giants including boohoo.com, Miss Selfridge and Ted Baker are embracing this payment method to entice customers and, according to PayPal, there are more than 18 million UK shoppers with a PayPal account - I think that’s all the proof you need!


2. Reinforce trust

Being able to trust your fashion brand is important to your shoppers. So, how can you go about reinforcing it? Building a review service into your website enables all users to check out your positive reviews with ease. Known reviewing websites such as Trustpilot, can make it easy for your customers to upload reviews about their experience and your products. If you’d rather go down a cheaper route, you could always collect your reviews from customers manually and use them both throughout your site and within specifically targeted campaigns.


3. Deliver top-notch customer service

With so many channels to monitor nowadays, it can be difficult to keep on top of quality customer service. You might get a complaint across a public network such as Twitter, but you’ve also had 101 enquiries about the new season’s clothing line. Offering a Live Chat service can help deal with customer complaints and issues relatively quickly – and without the customer having to pay to call a customer service line. Everything is dealt with in real time, so your customers feel like there is a very personable and very real presence to your fashion brand. Responding to customer complaints and enquiries within a smaller window, makes their experience a much more pleasant one and helps you build a positive customer service reputation.


4. You’ve got pictures but have you tried video?

As we’ve touched upon in previous posts, high-quality product photography can make a real difference to the way people perceive your brand. Don’t stop with the great images but you could also reel additional customers in with an innovative product video. ASOS proudly showcase their clothes through a runway-style video. This helps the customer visualise the products easily, watching how the material falls when worn – it’s a great idea. Get a team together to discuss ideas, maybe a video behind the scenes at a product photo shoot would work well. Customers like to see the inside of a fashion brand, so don’t hold back!


5. You’ve heard of mystery shoppers, how about test shoppers?

It’s all well and good testing your website numerous times but you’re not looking at the website with fresh eyes! Collecting together some focus groups to test your site as it develops through different phases is a great way to get unbiased and, sometimes, brutally honest opinions. Continuous testing is something every brand should adopt but in the fashion industry, where trends can rapidly change, it is even more important. When you’re building your focus groups, it is also a great opportunity for more brand exposure - so spread the word.

Extra tip: Make sure your focus groups are filled with your target audience otherwise, their feedback won’t be as valuable to your brand. 

Find out how Hit Search can improve your fashion website conversion rates, call us today on 0800 011 9715.


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