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Laura Nicholson

How to Improve UX on Your Law Firm’s Website

The truth is, a website with good user experience can make the difference between a potential client using your services - or not. As a law firm, you need to build trust with current visitors to your website whilst also making your online space attractive for prospective new users seeking your services. A law firm website is usually accountable to several user groups, from the prospective client that have been referred by someone that they trust, through to prospective clients that are aware of you as an expert in a particular area of the industry. Whether or not these clients use your services depends on how easy it is to find exactly what they need to move forward from your website. If they can’t, you can almost guarantee they’ll look elsewhere. Here are a few ways to ensure that your website is providing a positive user experience for your potential clients.

Invest in Infographics

Remember that a lot of visitors to your website will not, unlike you, be experts in your services, so explaining what they can expect from you in a way that is easy to understand will be beneficial when it comes to taking on new clients. Not only do infographics break down information on complicated topics, but they can also be very visually pleasing, thus improving the overall visual design of your website. With several aspects of the legal world being complicated, it’s important that information is displayed in an engaging format. Not only are you helping potential clients to understand how you can help them, but you’re giving them the information that they need - quickly.

Pay Attention to Above the Fold

What appears above the fold of your website (the top of the screen that is visible without scrolling) is paramount to how you appeal to your potential clients, so you want the most important information to be seen here. The chances are, that if prospective clients aren’t seeing value in your content above the fold, they’re going to look elsewhere for whatever they need. Ensure that relevant and valuable information is available above the fold so that any users that want to reach out to you directly can do so without having to hunt for an enquiry form or contact details.

Convey Authority and Experience Through Your Content

When it comes to the serious work of a law firm, clients not only want a firm that they can trust but also one that has years of experience in similar cases to theirs – that way they know they’re in good hands. Content is still an extremely powerful tool for websites as not only can it be optimised to improve your website’s rankings but, using the power of language, it can also be used to persuade potential clients as to why you are the best choice for their needs. Don’t take it for granted.

Regularly Assess Your Site’s UX

This may seem obvious, but regularly visiting your website as a user and getting the full experience will help you to determine how easy your website is to navigate and whether the CTA’s are in the right position for optimal conversion. At Hit Search, we have a whole range of tips and tricks up our sleeve when it comes to assessing exactly how well users manage on your website and if there are any reasons as to why your bounce rate is high or users aren’t converting, then we can detect and improve it. Assessing the UX of your website regularly will help you to ensure your website is completely user-friendly which will keep your conversion rate ticking over. To find out more about user experience, CRO and neuromarketing, click here!

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