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How to Increase your fashion brand’s revenue this Christmas

How to Increase your fashion brand’s revenue this Christmas

While lots of people moan about Christmas advertising and marketing offers coming earlier every year, it’s getting harder and harder to ignore the fact that the traditional start of the festive period is now the John Lewis advert – premiering sometime in mid-November.

How to increase your fashion brand's Christmas revenue

British retailers have a pretty clear two month run-in towards Christmas Day, with the exception of relatively new traditions including Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Fashion brands also unleash their fiercely competitive side in a bid to become the most creative and most alluring brand in order to reap the Christmas revenue benefits.

Competing with the big brands as they launch their festive TV reveals and multi-million pound marketing campaigns, can be a bridge too far for some fashion brands but there’s nothing to stop you taking tips from some of those who get their Christmas marketing strategies just right, so, check out our Christmas marketing guide to increase your revenue, download here.

Increase your brand's Christmas revenue with this guide

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