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Helen Jackson

How to make sure your ecommerce site is mobile customer-centric

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Putting the mobile customer first is crucial for your ecommerce brand to remain competitive. Mobile shopping will only continue to evolve and customer expectations will also continue to expand. So how can you make sure your ecommerce site is mobile customer-centric? Here’s our top tips!

How to make sure your ecommerce site is mobile customer-centric

Firstly, does it pass the Google mobile-friendly test?

Pasting your brand’s website URL into the mobile-friendly test by Google, can firstly give you a rough idea of how your current mobile-responsive site is performing. If your site hasn’t yet made the switch to a mobile-responsive design, then we wouldn’t advise wasting your time on this testing tool!

The tool can suggest changes you can make to your brand’s website in order to make it better for the user. Improvements Google suggest for your site can include, highlighting that your links are too close together, your text is too small to read on a mobile device and more. If it detects the CMS system you are using and has a suitable guide to hand, Google will point you in the direction of more in-depth information.

Provide your mobile customers with close-up product images

When browsing your site on a desktop, it’s easy for the user to navigate through photos, easily zooming in to view the product and material in more detail. For your mobile user, making them click multiple buttons to zoom into a product can cause frustration and, as a result, a higher bounce rate. Including already zoomed in product images can make viewing the image much easier on a mobile device. Remember also, that on a mobile screen they can’t view the product descriptions at the same time as flicking through the images, so make sure your product descriptions are easy to find.

Use easily translatable icons

When you checkout on a desktop the words ‘checkout’ are usually the call-to-action, however on a mobile device, the word ‘checkout’ probably wastes space you need to innovatively utilise on the small screen. Therefore the globally-recognised basket symbol is perfect to represent this action. When it comes to more brand-specific calls-to-action, perhaps you have a members’ account section, you need to creatively brainstorm icon ideas that will resonate and translate for your audience. After you’ve narrowed it down to a few selections, then would be the perfect time to get your focus groups involved in the testing!

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