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 How to measure the progress of your firm’s campaigns

Measuring the progress of your legal firm’s marketing campaigns is a vital part of the entire process – without measuring the campaigns, you will be unable to tell if they are successful or not. But what is it you need to be tracking and measuring, in order to determine if your firm’s campaigns are going in the direction you want them to?

How to measure the progress of your firm's campaigns

Metrics to track and measure

In order to measure the success and progress of your marketing campaigns, there are a number of metrics you should track. For example:

Search engine traffic

Knowing how much traffic is being referred to your site from search engine results pages (SERPs) is vital for obvious reasons; it will tell you if your campaign strategy is working. If the numbers are what you expect (or higher) then clearly the progress of your firm’s campaigns are developing the way you had hoped. If not, it may be time to reassess some aspects of your campaign to increase the numbers.

Unique visitors

In order to understand your site’s overall traffic, who is visiting your site and when they’re visiting, keeping an eye on the number of unique visitors is key. This will give you a clear indication of the number of individual users who have visited your site during a specific time period. As each visitor is only counted once; this means that if one user were to visit your site three or four times, it wouldn’t skew your unique visitor count. If you feel like the number of unique visitors to your site isn’t increasing, we suggest producing more relevant content on a regular basis.

Conversion rate and bounce rate

The percentage of visitors who arrive on your site and do something specific, such as download an eBook, are actions that can impact your conversion rate. Keeping an eye on your conversion rate will tell you if the campaign is looking successful! The bounce rate is also worth monitoring as this will tell you the percentage of visitors who leave your site before clicking on any other pages. If your bounce rate is higher than 50% it may be worth taking a look at your campaign and identifying ways to improve what people want to see when they come on to your site.

Tools to measure your marketing campaigns

It goes without saying that Google Analytics (GA) is the Holy Grail when monitoring and measuring the progress of your law firm’s marketing campaigns. Not only is it free to use, but you can analyse a huge amount of data, giving you a great indication as to whether your campaigns are going in the direction you had aimed for.

In addition to GA, tools such as Formisimo, Visual Web Optimizer and Simply Measured will all help you monitor your campaign success and give indications on where you can improve. Analysing reports provided by these tools can help you adapt and update your campaign strategy as you go.

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