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Helen Jackson

How to optimise your firm’s landing pages to best capture leads

Landing pages play an important role when it comes to converting your visitors into new case enquiries. It doesn’t matter how well written your call-to-action copy is directing people to the landing page – if they click through and find the offer or content on the landing page isn’t relevant to what was promised on the previous page, chances are, they’ll bounce straight off.

We’ve shared a handful of tips to help make sure your landing pages are fully optimised to ensure those users who click through fill in that form and convert!

langing page optimisation

1. Make your form simple

Even if your offer is relevant to the call-to-action (CTA) if you’re insisting the user fills out a very unnecessarily long form, there’s a chance you’re putting them off. Ask for minimal, but the most relevant information your firm requires. Keep it straightforward and ask for their name, email address and phone number to begin with. To continue to keep the form as easy to fill in as possible, you can implement smart form fields for previously given information – therefore the user isn’t ever filling in the same boxes – you’ll have already pre-populated it with the information you have!

2. Make information easy to digest

Your landing page should be simple to scan, letting the user pick up on the information that’s most interesting or relevant to them. You can make your text easier to read by breaking it up with headings, subheadings, and bullet points. Make sure you really get the value of your offer across to the user – try to address their pain points and how this download/resource/offer will help them overcome it.

3. Keep it the page free from distractions

You need the user to stay focused on your one offer, don’t call their attention away to a different offer or a different part of your site. Remove your site’s navigation from your landing pages for the same reason – this will encourage them to follow through the conversion path. On your thank you page feel free to add the navigation back into the picture so you can offer them the chance to further explore your firm’s site and other resources.

4. Keep your copy consistent

As we briefly mentioned in the introduction, it’s important you consistently use the same language and phrases as you did in your call-to-action. This stops confusion amongst users – you need to make sure the user gets what they’re anticipating from the previous call-to-action. Even if you were to word the offer differently, if it’s not immediately recognisable the user could just bounce straight off your website.

We’ve made it a little easier for you to track how many of your visitors are converting to new opportunities on a monthly basis with help from our FREE campaign analysis templates. Download yours now.

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