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Helen Jackson

How to tell if your firm's content marketing is up to scratch

Is your firm currently employing a whole host of content marketing tactics, and you feel like you’re getting nowhere? Although content marketing activities can take some time to come to fruition and deliver those exceptional leads your law firm is desperately seeking, there might be other reasons your content marketing is falling short on the delivery front.

We’ve put together some common content marketing faux pas, in the hope that you can salvage or have a go at rebuilding your law firm’s content marketing strategy, for the better! So here's how to tell if your firm's content marketing is up to scratch.

Prioritising quantity over quality

You’ve written a large volume of legal content and now your next step is to distribute this content. Let just go back a few paces, have you:

  1. Written the content directly to your persona or at least for your target market?
  2. Made sure you’ve written content that answers their burning questions about the legal industry?
  3. Written for the user and the search engine, but mainly prioritising the user?

If your answer is a resounding ‘no’, then this could be where your content marketing problems lie. You need to write directly to your target market, if you’re just writing for the sake of it, you’re not dishing out content worthy of your audience! Address these three issues, and see if your content marketing results change. (Hopefully for the better!)

P.s Here are an extra 9 content marketing tips for you!

You don’t analyse past tactics

This seems obvious, right? So, you probably glance at the statistics to see which content brought what to the site, but do you actually document it and then alter your strategic approach accordingly? Making the slightest adjustments throughout your campaigns can make all the difference. If you notice, for example, that your paid social ads seem to be hauling the perfect target market to your site, perhaps alter the budget requirements for this channel and see what happens.

It can be about trial and error, but spotting the signs of success, or, of course failure early can help make your campaign much more successful. So, why not try adopting this reactive nature?

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