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Helen Jackson

How Topshop embrace their omni-channel strategy

Topshop operate as if they were a high-fashion brand, rather than a high-street brand, offering innovation left, right and centre. Topshop inspire their customers to share, interact and engage with their brand across all channels and encourage the use of all devices. They even have a section on their homepage titled ‘Topshop on the go’, which entices the user to click and discover more.

Topshop omni-channel strategy, on the go

Not only do Topshop provide a fantastic user experience across their mobile devices, they also perfectly marry their in-store shopping experiences with their downloadable ‘on the go’ app. The app aims to provide the user with a smooth shopping experience, with the ability to buy direct from the app. The app also provides the user with an innovative barcode scanner, linking the user to any nearby Topshop store highlighting the stock available in each. With this app, Topshop are ensuring the customer is never disappointed, linking all outlets with an app is forward-thinking user experience indeed.

Topshop omni-channel strategy, barcode scanner app

What other omni-channel elements do Topshop engage with? I hear you ask.

Topshop’s social channels have always had the most up-to-date trends and latest products shared. However, during London Fashion Week in 2014, Topshop brought what has been reported by Social Bro as ‘the world’s first fashion show created by digital imagery’ to life. The fashion show was created solely using user-generated content and encouraged Topshop lovers to post their looks using the #TopshopWindow hashtag with the images featured on their digital fashion show in their flagship store window. The Instagram campaign gained an almighty amount of traction and highlighted Topshop as a social media innovator yet again.

Topshop omni-channel strategy, Topshop Window Instagram campaign

To remain competitive in the fashion industry it’s important you innovative your brand and the channels and devices through which you market your products. With the mobile market in particular, growing at such a rapid pace, it can be easy for your brand to get left behind.

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