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Susie Hood

Increasing organic traffic with SEO & Content marketing

SEO and content are deeply intertwined. The technical aspects of making your website easier for search engines (and users) to find, understand and navigate is a vital ingredient, but without having useful and unique content on your site, search engines won't find it worthy of sending any searchers to.

Scalable Retail Revenue Growth

Making the technical SEO and content strategy a priority will help to set the foundations of your campaign, ensuring your site is ready for scrutiny by search engines and optimised for giving users a straightforward journey down their buying funnel.

Joined-up SEO & Content Strategy

Ensuring that your SEO and content strategies are all pulling in the same direction is essential. You know who your audience are, thanks to your persona development. Your SEO keyword research can tell you what they are looking for, and your own data and research can show what types of content they connect best with.

You could have an idea for the best piece of content ever, but if it's so niche that your target audience are highly unlikely to search for it, your time would be better spent producing content that directly answers common questions or difficulties for your target market, in a way that is better than how your competitors do it.

TOP TIP: Content audits and gap analysis can highlight areas in which your site may be missing a trick, and give you the keywords best placed to attract those organic visitors with the useful content you create to meet that need.

In addition to Google's keyword planner, you may also find the below tools useful for coming up with content ideas based on your audience's needs. All have limited free versions and pro plans with more features:

Answer The Public




Keyword io


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