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Why your insurance business should be using programmatic display

A relative newcomer to the digital marketing mix, programmatic display is one of the top converting channels for our insurance clients. It combines re-targeting with advanced prospecting based on ‘look-a-like’ audience profiles that match customers that have shown real ‘purchase interest.’

These motivated buyers may have visited a number of insurance sites already and may have visited your site, too. This is where the ‘program’ can then target them with a piece of creative – such as a banner – in real-time, in order to tempt them back to your site right there and then!

Programmatic display in the insurance sector

These ads are placed using both artificial intelligence and real-time bidding. They can be placed for online display, mobile, video and social media campaigns, so they can really become an integral part of your overall digital marketing campaigns. Programmatic display can help your insurance brand boost highly-relevant traffic to your website and increase policy volume.

According to UK Business Insider, programmatic advertising has been projected to account for 50% of digital ad sales by 2018. Considering the percentage is so high for such a newcomer in the digital landscape, we’d advise you to consider investing in programmatic display advertising to increase your policy volume.

We are currently getting some very impressive results for our insurance clients and you should, too!

Wondering what else you should be doing to maximise your policy volume? Check out our other tips in our latest insurance sector graphic – download your copy for free now!

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