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Law Firm Marketing Strategy: Five Elements for Success

Olivia Szczeblewska-Moore

Law Firm Marketing Strategy: Five Elements for Success

Sometimes, it can be difficult to know where to start when it comes to marketing your law firm. In such a saturated market, law firms must do more than ever before to cut through the noise and attract new clients. So, how do you do this? It’s not a case of needing a scary, over-complicated law firm marketing strategy – there are plenty of tactics that are easy enough to implement, especially with the help of a marketing agency.

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How do you market a law firm?

In order for your legal digital marketing efforts to have maximum impact, your strategy needs to take several things into consideration. These factors include:

  1. A co-ordinated plan that covers all channels, both online and offline
  2. Defined key audiences, with all planned activity contributing to moving these potential clients onwards in their journey towards conversion
  3. Measurable goals and KPIs (not just outcomes) as this will help to determine which parts of the strategy are working well and which may need further tweaking
  4. Benchmarking key metrics against your competitors regularly

We have over 10 years of experience in developing marketing strategies for law firms, so we know what works and what doesn’t. It’s common knowledge that the society we find ourselves in today finds information and also verifies this information in the same place - the internet. If you are not reaching your potential clients where they already are, then you need to implement a legal marketing strategy which allows you to do so. No matter whether you’re nationwide or want to focus on a more local audience, here’s how to develop the best law firm marketing strategy.

What are the key attributes of successful law firm marketing?

Whilst there are other elements and types of activity that can help your law firm marketing strategy hit the mark that will be unique to your business and potential clients, our years of experience at Hitsearch have shown us that these areas (explained in more detail below) offer a great rounded foundation on which to fine-tune your wider multi-channel strategy.

  1. Lock down on SEO
  2. Optimise the website technically
  3. Develop a persona-led content market strategy
  4. Utilise paid media in the areas that matter
  5. Don’t neglect digital PR
  1. Lock down on SEO

Whether you have an SEO strategy already or not, it is always good to take things back to basics and make sure that you have the fundamentals covered when it comes to Search Engine Optimisation. The digital landscape is forever changing, and it’s important to make sure you are keeping up to date when thinking about SEO for solicitors' websites.

By conducting a link assessment, you can plan ongoing activity that is designed to improve the authority of both your on-site and off-site content. Then, take a deep-dive into the content you have on site and identify any gaps, assess what competitors are doing from a content POV and then use this to formulate a new content strategy that will increase search engine visibility and drive results.

In the past, law firms have relied on entirely on local business. Now, it’s imperative that law firms catch on to the serious requirement for an extensive legal SEO and digital marketing strategy. You can read more about our experience with law firm marketing here.

  1. Make sure your website is optimised

Your website is more than just a website. It is the central hub from which potential clients will look for the information they need, and it’s your job to make that as easy as possible for them. Optimising your website will ensure that your site converts site visitors into loyal customers.

Empathy is a must – ask yourself the question, “if I was looking for a law firm, what would make me choose one law firm’s website over another?” 9 times out of 10, the answer here will be “the website that allows me to find the information I need the easiest/fastest.”

To break it down, in order to be in the best position to convert visitors into customers, all websites should have clear messaging and branding throughout, have a short page-load time and be easy to navigate on both desktop and mobile. Make sure your content is easy to read, put your contact details in a prominent position on the site and add CTAs throughout to persuade traffic to contact your law firm.

Whilst SEO strategies and other methods of digital marketing for law firms are essential for increasing a website’s relevant traffic, CRO works on the traffic you already have, increasing value and, importantly, your site’s conversion rate.

  1. Develop a content marketing strategy

Developing a strong content marketing strategy can not only help with brand awareness, it can also help to bolster your SEO efforts by building those all important backlinks for your website.

Don’t let the boundaries of the legal industry stop you from thinking outside of the box when it comes to your content marketing! By combining technical SEO insight with creative thinking, you can develop a fool proof content plan that will deliver the results that you want. Why not trial a variety of content forms like quizzes, infographics, interactive imagery and blog posts?

If they are tailored to your specific audiences, the right pieces of content amongst a strong content marketing strategy can attract relevant traffic, attract your audience, acquire quality links, drive great leads and even foster promising networking opportunities.

  1. Utilise paid media

Without a thorough paid media (PPC) strategy in place, it is likely that your marketing plan could fall short. Combined with a solid SEO strategy, PPC allows you to target the right people as well as spread the word about your services much easier.

Legal PPC campaigns allow you to gain immediate brand exposure to a highly relevant and targeted audience - and if you instruct an experienced team to constantly optimise and tweak your PPC ads, you’ll very soon find those leads coming in!

Make sure you get to grips with your law firm’s main objectives, your marketing messages and what your competitors are already doing within this space. The more information you have at this point, the better your PPC efforts will be. Keep a close eye on the campaigns as they run – some tweaks and adjustments will be inevitable as keyword rankings change, for example. Most importantly, make sure that your paid media is delivering a good ROI.

  1. Get the word out with Digital PR

To support all the above activity, we recommend that you consider a digital PR/outreach strategy. When executed well, digital PR can not only gain great brand exposure, but also help to build backlinks and strengthen your domain ranking and search visibility.

Is there a recent case that your law firm has won and is relevant and of interest to local news outlets? How about some unique stats about your firm and the industry that you could put into a press release for legal press? There are so many opportunities to be discovered when you add outreach and digital PR into your law firm marketing strategy. Whether you’re looking to promote a particular service or just want general brand exposure – this is the way to go. Read more here about digital PR and the benefits it could have for your law firm.

Get expert help with your law firm marketing strategy

Hitsearch have been working with legal firms for more than a decade, so whether we’re helping a full service national or global law firm or assisting a niche legal client in a specific location or region, we understand what the key elements of successful marketing look like in this sector.

Every law firm is different, which is why we take our foundation of industry expertise and tailor the specific activity for each individual client, based on their business objectives and the people they want to reach. To find out more about our approach, why not try a free 15-minute consultation with one of our experts in law firm marketing?

In just 15 minutes, we’ll provide ideas for your business to scale up your marketing and increase your ROI.

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