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Helen Jackson

Law firms: Why you should invest in paid media to increase your web visits

Any digital marketing tactic with the word ‘paid’ tacked onto it can seem a little daunting. But investing in paid media can play an instrumental role in increasing the volume of visitors you’re attracting to your website.

Investing in paid media tactics such as paid social media or PPR (pay-per-click) can help support your campaign by boosting the volume and relevancy of the traffic your site receives.

Correctly utilising the paid aspect of digital marketing will only strengthen your campaign, tying all your digital marketing channels together whilst reaching every aspect of your audience, engaging them with your content regardless of what channel they’re using.

Below, we discuss the importance of both social media and PPC tactics when looking to attract more visitors.

Law firms: Why you should invest in paid media to increase your web visits

Paid social media

Three of the best paid social media channels for law firms are Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook. The most valuable feature within the paid social platforms is the audience targeting capabilities. Social advertising can make sure your firm target exactly the right audience. For example, through Twitter, you can target your audience through Geo-location (on a country level, or a more granular level through region, postal code etc.), through language targeting, device targeting, interests, keyword or tailored audience targeting. All these specific targeting features are particularly helpful when aligning your ads to your persona demographics.

Pay-per-click advertising

PPC, or pay-per-click advertising, is a digital marketing tactic you should employ to support all of your digital campaigns used tactically to reduce budget waste and overspend. There are many other benefits including:

Speed to market. Unlike with search engine optimisation techniques, your PPC ad can be live within minutes – directly in front of your target audience.

Testing capabilities. You can test and compare your ads, refining them until they’re at peak performance. This feature helps your firm learn from each ad, making future tactics stronger and even more focused.

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