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Andy Donaldson

Legal firms: How content marketing fits into your digital strategy

With Econsultancy highlighting that a massive 32% of law firms credited content marketing as the most effective digital channel, it begs the question, should you be investing more time and effort into your firm’s content marketing? The simple and short answer, is yes. Content marketing can be a very effective channel for any industry, but within the legal sector, using this inbound methodology of marketing, can be one of the best ways to generate high-quality leads for your firm.

We discuss how content marketing fits into your digital strategy!

Your digital strategy should complement your content marketing

Your digital strategy should complement your content marketing

If you’re going employ content marketing tactics, you need to ensure your digital strategy tessellates with your other channels. Not only does this approach ensure your campaign message becomes unified – but – your strategy will deliver more successful results. Just think, if your channels are pushing the same message the more chances the aim of your campaigns will be delivered.

Therefore, aligning your content goals and objectives with your other channels keeps your team focused on the same end result. If your content marketing objectives are completely separate to that of your overall digital strategy, then your campaign simply won’t be as successful.

Document your content marketing tactics

When you’re mapping out your digital strategy, whether it includes a year-long campaign, a few short campaigns or a single 3-month campaign, you need to write your content marketing activities and tactics into your overall strategy documents.  Content marketing should be mentioned in both your tactics section of your strategy, and also be referenced throughout, as it’s an ongoing process. Writing your content marketing plan into your overall strategy, helps your team clearly visualise your firm’s aims for that period and beyond.

Writing your content marketing tactics down will help you when it comes to measuring and tracking the success of your campaigns and overall strategy progress. Writing a separate content calendar and then a content marketing calendar, can also help tie into the overall Gantt chart you might have constructed as a visual representation.

Take a step back and look at the whole picture

We’ve already mentioned that your digital strategy should complement your content marketing, but you need to step back and ensure you’re looking at the whole picture. How are you distributing and promoting your content? Will other digital channels assist, such as paid channels? All advert copy needs to be taken into account when building your content marketing activities. The advert copy can assist or hinder your campaign, which can inevitably lead to strategy success or failure.

If you’d like more tips, why not download our eBook: 9 content marketing tips for the legal sector, now!

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