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Susie Hood

My week at Hit search - Sophie

When looking for a career path to take, at an age where your biggest priorities are handing in unfinished homework or making sure you have the latest pair of designer shoes, it can be scary to navigate your way into an alien environment where you have gone from playing top dog to suddenly being thrown into the lion’s den.


It can be especially difficult if your anything like me, to ultimately decide what you want to do when you leave school. Do I go to university? Well it’s the sensible thing to do. Do I start an apprenticeship? Job equals money, or do I simply give up and retreat away from all forms of adulthood whilst I can… Obviously the answer is no, but that’s why this work experience has been so valuable, as it has given me an insight into working life and eased me in to a workplace environment.

My week at Hit search has really gave me a feeling of what a real workplace is like and I have gained knowledge and skills that you can’t learn by sitting in school. Everybody has been so helpful and welcoming and really made me feel like part of the working team: especially Laura, Ruth, Hazel, Jen and Susie who have guided me through all my work this week.

Over the course of the week I have been given a variety of tasks to do from writing blogs and social media content to creating infographics and online gifs. I have also learnt how to navigate new websites such as Canva, which is used to produce online content, and Google Analytics, which I used to help me create some buyer personas for a brand new client. I have also discovered some new, and let’s say quirky, traditions such as Scrums and “Warm Fuzzies”, where the team come together and say nice things about what each other has done over the month, and to say the least I had a few warm fuzzies about the cheesecake that I brought in earlier on in the week.

It’s not only the little niche advantages of your colleagues bringing sweets in, or in the case of this heatwave, ice-lollies and fans to the office, but the people who your experiencing it with, who offer to make you a cup of tea, or fill you in with the latest Love Island goss. Those are the ones, who for me, have made this experience all the more enjoyable.

My week at Hit Search has showed me the perks of working in the city, (apart from the early mornings and sweaty bus rides) I didn’t realise how much I would enjoy experiencing life in the city and the independence that comes with it. Sitting in the centre of Liverpool’s business district, it’s like walking up a scaled down version of the concrete jungle itself; lots of people going about their daily routine not giving the people around them a second glance, commuters flooding out the train station, filling the streets in a mad dash to clock in before 9, and the fusty smell of warm coffee as you walk up Old Hall street. It’s such a big change not only mentally, but culturally. Having to wake up and prepare for the day ahead, leaving the house early to ensure I didn’t miss the bus, and then working a full day definitely has its pros and cons. Pro- getting to go to Pret for dinner and sit on the office’s roof terrace in the sun. Con- Waking up at half six in order to get to work so you can have a Pret for lunch.

Apart from the bonuses of working in the city, Hit search has provided me with valuable skills that I can not only apply to work but to life in general…. And maybe start up my own blog in the future.

All’s that is left to say is a big thank you to everyone at Hit search, you really are a lovely bunch!

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