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Neuromarketing tactics for UX optimisation

As marketers, it’s important that you understand the customer experience as well as the journey they take when making a conversion. This helps you to cater your strategy more specifically to your customers.

At Hitsearch, we use our years of experience and the development of our Hitsmart system to analyse user experience. We also use our in-house neuromarketing and biometrics expertise to understand scientific reasoning as to why people make purchasing decisions.

Understanding website users can help you to improve your conversion rate optimisation and review the way you employ digital marketing tactics from a consumer-focused perspective. By analysing attribution models , we can identify critical touchpoints and factors, we can also gain an understanding of the brain and psychology to enhance ads and other marketing channel output.

Once we have managed to capture the nature of the customer experience, the next step is investigating the steps customers take from both a business and customer perspective, as well as touchpoints, to identify strengths and weaknesses.

We use a flexible decision model, which means we can understand the three main purchase stages:

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Pre Purchase:

This stage encompasses all aspects of the customer’s interaction with the brand, category and environment before a purchase transaction.

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This stage covers all interactions with the brand and its environment during the purchase event itself.

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Encompasses customer interactions with the brand and its environment following the actual purchase.

It has been proven that a customer needs to be exposed to touchpoints multiple times before they believe in a brand and complete a conversion. This is the way a brand reaches out to its target audiences and can be done via email marketing, paid social, and traditional marketing methods. These touchpoints are:

  • Brand-owned
  • Partner-owned
  • Customer-owned
  • Social/external/independent

From a psychological viewpoint, businesses should also consider additional touchpoint categories that are usually ignored:

  • New information technologies
  • Past experiences
  • The central role of customers
  • External environmental factors

Hitsearch has also acknowledged how social media has influenced consumers in a different way.[CM6] Social media ads have their own unique touchpoints including:

  • Entertainment VS Informational value
  • Vividness
  • Activation

What customers use social media for will likely influence what they do with the things they see on social media. If they are looking at a site to inform them, they may engage with one area of a website and ignore any background noise. This may reduce the chances of being seen, but if you are seen, the consumer may be more likely to retain your information.

Our results have shown time and time again that taking time to understand the experience of customers benefits your company. By building content curated for the target persona of our client, Daisy London, we were able to increase organic revenue by 148% and increase transactions by 84%.


  • Social media has influenced how consumers are affected by ads
  • The average consumer reaches SEVEN touchpoints before completing a conversion with a brand.
  • Creating character profiles will help you develop your strategy to suit your target audience.

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