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Optimise your legal conversion funnel today with this straight-forward guide!

When it comes to increasing the number of new cases your law firm sees coming in through your website, it’s all about optimising your conversion funnel. To do this you need to experiment with various elements across your legal site that play a part in a claimant’s interaction journey. But just where do you start? Well in this guide you’ll learn just how you can optimise your legal conversion funnel and start generating new cases today.

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 Optimise your legal conversion funnel

Crete your Google Analytics funnel

By utilising Google Analytics’ funnel tool you can create a visual image of your conversion funnel. Allowing you to define and visualise exactly what your goal is, the journey (funnel) of pages that a potential claimant has to take to reach that goal, while allowing you to place a value on each goal along that funnel.

By doing this you allow yourself and your firm to identify the places in your funnel where users drop off and therefore plan how you can stop that, by analysing the data of those pages involved and testing various optimised designs and context for them.


Analyse your landing pages

After putting the visualisation of your funnel together the first place for you to analyse and test should be your legal landing pages and form pages. These pages are there to convert your potential claimants so it’s important you test the following elements:

  • Headline – Test different headlines across both landing page and form pages, one study showed an increase in conversion rate by 29% simply by testing various call-to-action headlines.
  • Copy – The copy on your pages needs to clearly illustrate what your potential claimants are getting by taking your offer be it for a legal eBook or a free claim consultation.
  • Length of forms – You need to minimise the number of form fields while still getting the important information you require. Your potential claimant will see the amount of data they have to give as a trade-off with the offer they can receive.


Test your firm’s email conversion

Your law firm’s emails are an essential part of your conversion funnel so by testing and analysing the following elements you can be sure they are working effectively:

  • Subject line – The success of your email campaigns hinge on the strength of the subject line and a great open rate, so A/B test various lines on smaller email lists to get the most optimised subject line before sending your campaign to all contacts.
  • Copy – Test your copy from short and long to tone of voice. By testing what style best suits your firm’s email subscriber list you can optimise each email to have the most impact.
  • CTA- Test the style and placement of your email’s CTAs. Does having in-text CTAs or graphical CTAs work best, remembering that emails may not load images unless approved by the recipient. Analysing the click-through-rate alongside your open rate will help you to get a good picture of the effectiveness of your emails CTAs.

Run a mum test

This is the idea of running a user test of your legal site by someone who isn’t that confident using computers and the web. Here you can check which parts of the conversion funnel are pain points and therefore look to simplify the user experience. There is actually a service to get Richard Littauer a UX expert to run a conversion test of your legal website while he is drunk or to get his computer illiterate mother to perform a user experience test.

 Legal Podcast 3 - Analysing and planning your CRO strategy

These four steps will help you to optimise your law firm’s conversion funnel and start generating more legal cases today.

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