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Andy Donaldson

Why optimise your travel brand's meta descriptions for the mobile user?

Your meta description summarises your page to the search engine but it also acts as the first impression of your business for many users scrolling down the search results pages. Using a balance of relevant keywords and informative language has always been the struggle for many travel brands. Being able to appeal to both the search engines and the user without the over-use of keywords is a certainly a fine balance.

So with many users now accessing travel brands and booking every aspect of their holidays through their mobile devices, how can you ensure your meta descriptions are optimised for the mobile user?

why optimise your travel brand's meta descriptions for the mobile user?

A mobile responsive site or a separate mobile site?

If you just have a mobile responsive website, writing specific meta descriptions that only appeal to your mobile users isn’t a great idea; you don’t want to alienate other customers coming from a desktop device.

If you have a completely separate mobile site, with different pages and navigation layouts, writing specific meta descriptions for your mobile users can help increase user click-through rate from the search engine results pages. You need to keep in mind that the mobile screen is small and users are scrolling at quite a pace, and usually on the move. You need to keep this in mind when you’re creating your content – not just your meta descriptions.

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