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Optimising locally for success globally

Once brands have found their local audience, it is understandable that ambitions turn to finding new customers further afield.

It can be difficult to break out internationally and it may require a lot of work to get off the ground, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible. We have assisted many clients with ambitions of expanding overseas, pooling our years of experience into a guide on how to create local site experiences no matter where in the world your customer may be.
Optimising a global campaign can be daunting. A new country means a new audience, a new customer profile and therefore new strategies. Our top three tips to optimise a global campaign and help it to run smoothly are:

1) Optimising the language on your website and campaigns to match the country you are targeting- this may seem basic, but many brands won’t prioritise this when thinking of expansion.

2) Offering translation options on your website – making it easier for your customers to understand your website will remove any barriers that may stop them from purchasing

3) Including colloquial words that your desired audience will be searching for - keywords for your UK website may not be the same as keywords for your Australian website. Spending time and money trying to rank for keywords that your target audience does not search for is a waste, creating a character profile for each area you want to target will help you to reach audiences more specifically.

Children’s clothing brand La Coqueta has a large audience in both the USA and UK and whilst the products sold are similar, we market the brands very differently.

In the UK, many of the brand’s keywords are Spanish-themed, which fits with the brand perfectly as it is Spanish owned. We see great conversion rates and a high search volume due to this relevance. However, in the US the search volume for Spanish keywords is only a fraction compared to that in the UK. We, therefore, put our efforts into focusing on keywords concentrating on kids' clothing in different categories.

Different times of the year also show different performance peaks depending on what part of the globe you are in. For La Coqueta, we see a rise in sales towards the summer every year in the USA , whereas the UK has a peak each year in the winter. This means that we have altered our strategy to focus on advertising during peak times in each country.

Our marketing strategy has led to a rise in organic traffic and increased revenue in all countries for La Coqueta.

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