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Andrew Redfern

[Part 2] How to convert and measure your legal audience effectively

Following on from my previous blog on this topic (here), I have continued to highlight some tips and tricks below to help your firm convert and measure your audience more effectively.

So let’s carry on where we left off and look at website structure and style...

Structure and Style

When looking at how visitors use your website, one of the first things you can look at is style and structure. Look to make each page answer one single question, ideally the question your visitor came looking for, but if it’s not, then make sure your navigation and on-page links can help to clearly lead them to where that answer can be found. From a style side, what colour scheme and fonts are you using on your website? And do they measure up to the perceptions a potential visitor may have? A great place to start is to create a style guide, with input from you, your directors and your designers. Such a document not only allows you to keep consistency across your legal website and its content, but helps visitors to feel reassured that they are in the right place for their needs.

…and let’s not forget the all important mobile channel.

Mobile Usability

Mobile usability is a must-have in your legal firm’s conversion strategy. As of July 2015 mobile users now exceed desktop users and search engines, like Google, know this and are continuing to update their algorithms to make sure those that aren’t giving their searchers responsive sites, pay the price. But the reason to make sure your firm’s site is optimised for mobile isn’t just about pleasing search engines; it’s about pleasing your visitors and increasing your conversions. A case study from Google showed a 20-30% increase in conversions after undertaking mobile optimisation of your current site.

And finally, let’s look at the measuring side of the equation.

Measure twice & cut once!

Maybe this is a phrase more in keeping with the carpenters of this world rather than legal professionals and their target audiences, but its principle is still key. Ensure that you spend MORE time ‘measuring’ your audience's journey across your site, than trying to fix perceived errors. I see this so often with a wide range of businesses that I come into contact with, they quickly make changes to a site based on a ‘traffic trend’ that is only temporary - maybe even seasonal. Slight fluctuations in your web traffic are not worth wholesale site changes. Measure for a little longer before deciding on making a cut.

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