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Helen Jackson

Shocking cross-device and cross-channel e-commerce stats

There are many reasons why your fashion brand should be embracing an omni-channel digital marketing strategy. But, instead of listing our reasons, we thought we’d let the e-commerce industry tell you. We’ve gathered together some of the most shocking cross-device and cross-channel statistics to jump-start you into action!

What is your fashion brand missing out on? Let’s see…

3 shocking cross-device statistics

  1. Mobile now accounts for 50.3% of all ecommerce traffic (Source: Shopify)
  2. 32% of UK consumers make a purchase on a smartphone (Source: Econsultancy)
  3. On mobile, 47% of smartphone consumers and 50% of tablet consumers use an additional device when purchasing (Source: Clickz)

These statistics clearly highlight the importance of a cross-device digital marketing strategy. If your fashion site isn’t optimised for sales across the most popular devices, at least, then it’s clear you’re missing out. For your customers to be able to not only purchase items from different devices, but enjoy a superior user experience also, is now the standard e-commerce expectation in the UK.

3 shocking cross-channel statistics

  1. 4 in 10 social media users have purchased an item online or in-store, after sharing it or marketing it as a favourite on Twitter, Facebook or Pinterest. (Source: Social Times)
  2. 46% of consumers report that brands don’t provide meaningful content across social media (Source: 2014 Mobile Behaviour Report)
  3. UK online retail sales to reach £52.25bn in 2015 (Source: Econsultancy)

Again, these statistics obviously highlight the need for your fashion brand to adopt a cross-channel digital marketing strategy. From the importance and heavy influence of social media channels over your consumers. To the sheer volume of online sales your brand could miss out on, if you’re not shouting about your brand across the different digital marketing channels, only a limited audience will hear you.

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