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Laura Nicholson

Should your Brand be Working with Micro-Bloggers or more established Bloggers?

When brands are choosing bloggers to work with, they are, naturally, drawn towards those with tonnes of thousands of followers with professional imagery and a shed load of views on their videos. However, is this view now outdated? Should we really be thinking of smaller bloggers, with less exposure but a smaller amount of immensely dedicated followers – also known as micro bloggers.

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In many ways, brands and businesses have been conditioned to think that a blogger’s total number of followers is what matters most. Whilst overall numbers do matter in terms of exposure, looking into bloggers with a higher quality engagement could eventually prove more beneficial to your brand. In recent months, marketers have noticed that once social media accounts reach a certain size and blogs, a certain DA, fewer people bother to engage, and in fact, when it comes to Instagram, the ratio of likes to followers and comments peaks when the account has around just 1000 followers. As accounts really grow and the blogger reaches around 100k or a DA of 40+, engagement begins to dwindle with people choosing to avoid interacting with a celebrity and preferring to engage with someone more relatable (the micro influencer).

Whilst in the past, for most brands it has been all about huge numbers and big reach, thinking that this would deliver results, it seems some are starting to realise that perhaps a shift in focus is needed, with followers alone being somewhat of a short-sighted measure. After all, Instagram bots, fake followers and inorganic growth is a real thing and a growing problem – are you as a brand truly buying an engaged audience? Is the ROI what it should be? Or have you simply fallen into the numbers trap and have nothing to show for your investment?


With the above in mind, brands are being encouraged to consider working with bloggers that produce quality content to an engaged audience, instead of those that simply have a large amount of social media followers. Whilst using bloggers is fantastic for a brand’s SEO strategy and yes, a blog with a high DA will produce a great quality backlink, in terms of brand awareness, using micro bloggers will ensure that the desired audience engage with posts about your brand. Micro bloggers are known to have a more loyal and actively engaged audience which can prove truly beneficial.

As well as having a slightly more engaged audience, there is also the benefit of micro bloggers usually being willing to work on a gifting only basis, whereas better established bloggers will likely require some sort of budget when it comes to working with them on a campaign, which may or may not be cost-effective.

Of course, numbers of followers and a large amount of likes will still be something that is important as brands continue to use outreach as a strategy, but with the use of fake bots and the lack of true engagement that can potentially be a result of using more established bloggers or ‘mega influencers’, we will be seeing more and more brands choosing to work with micro bloggers in favour of their brand being promoted to a dedicated and highly engaged audience as well as an interactive following, resulting in a higher impact. Which will you choose?

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