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Helen Jackson

The 3 most effective law firm marketing techniques

We all want to be told which marketing techniques can best improve our business’s conversion rate. Even though finding the best-fit tactics for your firm will largely come down to a mixture of your industry niche, what your company objectives are and a combination of trial and error, we can share 3 of the most effective marketing techniques we’ve witnessed working time and time again for our legal clients.

The 3 most effective law firm marketing techniques

Create authentic content

Creating content that screams authenticity is simply very effective. Discussing topics and giving genuine advice without trying to push your legal services onto your audience, helps create the perfect blueprint you can continue to replicate throughout other digital channels. This helps tie all your channels together with the same structure and purpose to your marketing messages.

When you’re publishing content on third party websites, don’t just simply drop your firm’s name wherever you see fit. Your aim when writing for these sites, is to inform their audience that you are an authority in your legal niche, you’re trustworthy and credible and you want their audience to eventually become your audience, too. Saying this through content without obviously stating these credentials, can be tricky and requires a bit of brainstorming within your team.

Personalise the user journey

Content personalisation has been a growing trend over the last few years, in fact, it was reported by digital marketing magazine The Drum last year that an average of 49% of companies are using marketing automation technology in their marketing strategies.

Personalising your user’s journey both through your site and after they leave your site with email marketing automation, will help your firm become more memorable to its target audience. Simple personalisation tokens such as greeting them by first name when they return to a landing page on your site, or putting their first name in the subject title of your emails alongside an action, can all help create a pleasant user experience for each audience member. Drip marketing relevant email marketing materials can help you further nurture these prospects further down the marketing funnel until they’re ready to enquire about your services.

Work towards a SMART goal

You’re probably already working towards a goal of some description; that goal might be to increase website visitors or to increase the volume of enquiries your firm receives. However, there’s a big difference between setting a straightforward goal and a smart goal. A smart goal ensures you set a realistic and attainable goal for your campaign. Having this goal in place helps keep all your marketing activity on track. A smart goal should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Time-based.

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