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Helen Jackson

The impact of omni-channel marketing on your customer experience

Your customer’s experience is of utmost importance, not only for attracting new customers but to retain repeat custom, as well. Without omni-channel marketing, your customer service can appear a little disjointed, with customers unsure how to best connect with brands regarding issues and wider complaints.

So, how will offering a seamless experience impact upon your customer’s journey and overall experience with your brand?

The impact of omni-channel marketing on your customer experience

Your brand becomes united

From a consistent tone of voice cross-channel to consistency when using imagery; your brand becomes stronger and more recognisable across multiple channels. Research conducted by Wharton found that a third of consumers regularly alternate between two channels to purchase. So if you’re consistent with your logo, any images used and tone of voice, the user journey will be seamless for those users.

Cross-device personalisation

Personalisation has been a fashion retailer trend for a few years now, but personalising the user’s journey cross-channel is an entirely different ball game. Being able to recognise when that same user has crossed over from mobile site browsing to browsing on their desktop PC, is the level of personalisation your brand needs to adopt. Retailers including Amazon demonstrate this level of personalisation perfectly. If you’re logged in on your mobile, tablet and PC, Amazon is able to pick up on what you were last browsing and what you had in your basket – very convenient for the consumer.

It’ll help you retain customers

According to research carried out by Invesp, companies with omni-channel customer engagement strategies retain on average 89% of their customers, compared to 33% for companies with weak omni-channel customer engagement. That statistic speaks volumes for retailers. Attracting new customers is great – you’re getting your brand name out there and exposure is increasing, but, if you don’t take care of your existing customers, they’ll visit your competitors next time they think of purchasing. In order to grow as a business, you need to hold on to those loyal customers, after all, you want them to become brand advocates which can help to attract even more customers to your brand.

Thinking of becoming a truly omni-channel brand? Check out our guide to omni-channel marketing – download a copy now!

A guide to omni-channel marketing

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