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Helen Jackson

The Top Fashion E-commerce Conversion Rate Tricks

Here at Hit Search we love sharing our best tips and tricks with our readers so, perhaps unsurprisingly, this post isn’t any different. We’ve collected our very best conversion rate tricks so you can go forth and apply them to your e-commerce site and achieve those all-important conversion rates.

1. Keep your shelves stocked up

A big and seemingly obvious conversion rate killer is when your products show as ‘out-of-stock’. If your customers are met with this message regularly, especially for the same item, this will show your brand in an unfavourable light and send them straight into the arms of your competitors - hello increased bounce rate. Make sure you are constantly monitoring stock levels, market trends and are estimating the rate of purchase to avoid this very embarrassing and unprofessional situation.


2. Make mobile a priority

We’ve said it time and time again, your site needs to be mobile optimised. According to Econsultancy, Fortnum and Mason increased mobile conversions by 57% with a responsive website design. Having a site that appeals to the ever increasing mobile market is simply non-negotiable. If you aren’t sure if your site is mobile optimised, use Google’s free mobile-friendly test tool and you’ll have the answer in no time at all!


3. Strive for high-quality photography

It’s important that you invest quality time and money into your business if you ever hope to achieve or sustain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Don’t just rely on the manufacturer of your product for a low-quality product image. High-quality product photography can not only ensure your website looks aesthetically pleasing but the photos will command attention when used throughout your marketing materials too.

This is your chance to show off your products and all the colours they’re available in to those fashionistas out there. Persuade them with your product images and remember the adage - a picture is worth a thousand words!


4. Get social with your campaigns

As a fashion brand you are probably active across a variety of social media platforms, (if you’re not, then you should be!) You just have to look at some of the fashion giants to witness how social media can create that buzz your campaigns have been missing in order to increase your web conversions.

User-generated content can become the backbone of your social media campaign. Topshop easily demonstrated this last year, inviting their customers to share their own looks using the hashtag #TopshopWindow. The hashtag was encouraged for use across Instagram and, as SocialBro highlighted, it has been since labelled the ‘world’s first fashion show created by Instagram imagery.’ So, a bit of creative thinking can go a long way!


5. Build a blogger community

You’ve got so much to say but no one’s listening! You might be shouting loud about your brand but are you shouting to the right people? Building relationships with a handful of influential bloggers in the fashion industry can be like finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Brand advocacy speak volumes for fashion brands, from blogger gifting to product reviews. Accessing a fashion blogger’s following is a great way to build upon your own brand awareness and of course can increase that all important site footfall. Search Engine Land states that blogs are now the third most influential when it comes to purchasing decisions so, if you ask us, this avenue is worthy of exploration.


6. Check out the competition

In order to compete, many businesses will undercut the competition when it comes to pricing strategies and special offers. Fiercely competing in your marketplace whilst creating the perfect user experience is the optimum position to strive toward. So, if offering free delivery on all your products for a limited amount of time will achieve that balance (and it’s a feasible move money-wise) you should definitely embrace the change. Onwards to a better conversion rate!


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