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Andy Donaldson

6 things your insurance company should know about digital marketing

As reported by market research site Econsultancy, the insurance sector is on the move and, despite structural, regulatory and technology hurdles, this sector is driving to modernise quickly. So we’ve pulled together six things your insurance company should know about digital marketing below.

things your insurance company should know about digital marketing

If you don’t have a secure website you’re not building trust

Without a secure website, that’s a website beginning with ‘https’ rather than ‘http’, your insurance site could be missing out on a ranking boost according to Search Engine Land. Aside from these benefits, it’s important to build credibility and trust between your company and any potential customers. Without a secure website, user will be hesitant to part with their personal information.

If you’re bidding on individual keywords you’re wasting your money

With the word ‘insurance’ coming in at first place on the most expensive keyword list, according to WordStream, your insurance brand can’t afford to place all its PPC budget in the individual keyword-only basket. With voice search making search queries more conversational, it’s important to target both long-tail keywords and short-tail keywords, too!

If you have a CMS that doesn’t allow you to access code, you’re missing out on CRO tests

With many content management systems (CMS) making it difficult or impossible for most insurance companies to access the coding of their site, they are unable to run detailed conversion rate optimisation (CRO) tests as a result. At Hit Search, we use software that avoids the need to access this code, enabling us to implement new tests without having to make amends to the live site. The only changes that need to take place are those that have been proven to increase conversions and, therefore, policy volumes.

If you don’t have a structure social plan, your social channels aren’t adding anything

Many insurance companies view social media as a ‘conversion assisting’ channel when it comes to increasing policies. It’s something they ‘know they should do’ but invariably aren’t sure why. Depending on your audience, naturally, each social platform can serve very different purposes when it comes to supporting your overall campaign strategy. Knowing how your audience engage and interact with similar brand across social media, can help your insurance brand gain a little bit of a wider understanding when it comes to how to best use each social platform.

If you’re not using programmatic display you’re losing out on new policies

Programmatic display is one of the top converting channels for our insurance clients. So if you’re not already using it, or aware of it, what is it? It’s a digital tactic that combines re-targeting with advanced prospecting based on ‘look-alike’ audience profiles that match customers that have shown real ‘purchase interest.’ These motivated buyers may have visited a number of insurance sites already and may have visited your site, too. This is where the ‘program’ can then target them with a piece of creative (banner) in real-time, tempting them back to your site right there and then.

Your agency is too fixated on your search positioning so you’re missing the bigger picture

Whilst it’s important that your insurance brand ranks healthily in the search results, it’s equally important that you’re ranking for the correct keywords that are going to bring the most relevant visitors to your site. You want to only attract those who have the potential to convert into a valued customer, therefore, all other traffic becomes almost irrelevant.

Download these tips in a handy and easy-to-save graphic here.

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