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Andy Donaldson

Top 3 deadly digital marketing mistakes your insurance brand is making

Is your insurance brand making any of the below three common marketing mistakes? Digital marketing mistakes can cost you a campaign, so make sure you don’t make the most common mistakes in the insurance sector.

digital marketing mistakes your insurance brand is making

Not having a structured social media plan

Many insurance companies view social media as a ‘conversion assisting’ channel when it comes to increasing policies. It’s something they ‘know they should do’ but invariably aren’t sure why. Depending on your audience, naturally, each social media platform can serve very different purposes when it comes to supporting your overall campaign strategy. Knowing how your audience engages and interacts with similar brands across social media can help your insurance brand gain a little bit of a wider understanding when it comes to how to best use each social platform.

How we advise and run paid social media campaigns is initially down to cost per policy and ROI metrics. Facebook, Twitter and even the more visual platforms like Instagram, should be seen as direct response offerings and not just a supporting role in the conversion process. In fact, for most of our insurance clients, paid social as a channel, is one of the most cost-efficient ways to drive policy volume!

Your digital marketing agency is too fixated on search positioning

Many agencies are fixated on their client’s search positioning, and whilst it’s important that your insurance brand ranks healthily in the search results, it’s equally important that you’re ranking for the correct keywords that are going to bring the most relevant visitors to your site. You want to only attract those who have the potential to convert into a valued customer, therefore, all other traffic becomes almost irrelevant.

Our aim is to look at your digital marketing tactics in a holistic nature. We want to ensure your overall exposure is increased as a brand, but we also want to directly target your specific audience, to increase the chances of conversions consistently, throughout all digital marketing channels.

Bidding only on individual keywords

PPC is a tactic that can deliver immediate results, we all know that, but how to get the best out of your PPC campaigns is something a large proportion of insurance brands struggle with. With the word ‘insurance’ coming in at first place on the most expensive keywords list, according to Wordstream, your insurance brand can’t afford to place all its PPC budget in the individual keyword-only basket. With voice search making search queries more conversational and longer and more specific keyword phrases being typed into the search engine by the user, it’s important to target both long-tail keywords and short-tail keywords.

The best advice we give and implement for our insurance client base is to understand the journey of keywords through the site. When somebody types into Google ‘car insurance’, customers can be at the started middle or end of their purchase journey. So why not try and be visible across EVERY part of this journey rather than just one part of it? By fully understanding each and every keyword journey, policy volumes can dramatically increase!

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