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Top pay-per-click campaign tips for law firms

Firstly, it’s important you understand exactly what pay-per-click (PPC), is. PPC is an advertising channel that consists of sponsored links that are placed in prominent areas of the search engine pages. In order to show up on these pages, your firm has to bid against other law firms for any keyword or keyword phrase you have decided your audience are searching for. If you bid more for a particular search term than your competition, you then appear higher than them in the sponsored sections, and are therefore potentially more visible than your competitor.

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So now you understand what it is, here’s our top pay-per-click campaign tips for law firms:

Top pay-per-click campaign tips for law firms

Tip #1 – Set a campaign objective

Without an objective, your campaigns will simply glide aimlessly, making it difficult to measure the progress, if any, your firm makes. You need to outline exactly what it is you want to achieve, whether it’s driving traffic to your legal service pages, increasing the number of enquiry form submissions or even newsletter sign-ups. Whatever it is, nailed the objective down first before you dive straight in.

Tip #2 – Research and choose your advertising search terms

The keywords and keyword phrases you want to bid on will reflect the searching habits of your buyer personas (if you haven’t yet created your buyer personas, download this guide now). By understanding exactly what it is that your buyers are searching for, the people clicking on you advert are more likely to enquire about your legal services.

Tip #3 – Make sure your adverts are pointing to a relevant landing page

There’s nothing worse than putting all the hard work in, researching search terms and setting a campaign objective all for the advert, when clicked, to land the user on a completely irrelevant page. These kind of actions can help increase your website bounce rate and subsequently, decrease your conversion rate! So think ahead and ensure that the landing page the ad points to is highly relevant and clear for the user to understand exactly what they’re supposed to do next!

Download our legal definitive guide to targeting your audience

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