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Survey reveals 98% of content creators admitted to having spotted follower fraud among online influencers

When it comes to influencer marketing and collaborating with bloggers, vloggers and the like, the purpose of the partnership is to naturally tap into their audience with your products or services..

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Lush’s Instagram stance: Is social media marketing still a retail brand essential?

Lush UK recently announced that they are moving away from having a large national social media presence on the main platforms, such as Instagram. They posted a statement that indicates they no..

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Hit Search shortlisted for 'Influencer Marketing/Outreach company of the year' Blogosphere 2019 Award

VOTE HERE: https://www.blogosphere.biz/awards/#vote 

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Weeding out ‘fake’ influencers from your retail brand campaigns

If you’re a retail brand that works with (or wants to work with) influencers as part of your marketing activity, you won’t have failed to notice a recent increase in stories and buzz around ‘fake’..

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Five essential third party tools for every digital content creator

Anyone working in the planning, creation and roll out of branded content for any brand, whether b2b or b2c, will be accustomed to the challenges that come with making campaigns as successful as..

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Social proof: the value of using customer UGC to amplify brand awareness in retail

For many online retailers, especially those who are not yet a household name, social media can play a huge role in raising awareness of your brand amongst your target audience. Getting people to..

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Google Search Console: How mobile usability data can be used to increase your sales and revenue

Mobile is becoming an increasingly dominant force in E-commerce. While not yet the number one online shopping device for all retail brands, it is increasing its share rapidly. According to figures..

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Tips for using Google Search Console to monitor SEO performance on a retail website

Monitoring webpage performance for a retail website is key for a number of reasons, the main one being that when analysed and implemented well, SEO can help to meet many of your business..

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Biometrics, neuroscience and seasonality in online retail

Whatever type of retailer you are, there are likely to be seasonal influences that mean your target audience are looking for certain things from you at particular times of the year, with a variety..

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Digital vs Traditional: Which PR style is most useful today?

The age-old debate of digital versus traditional has once again reared its head and this time, it involves the effectiveness of PR methods – both new and old. The purpose of PR, on the whole,..

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