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Helen Jackson

User Experience Mistakes Your Fashion Brand Should Avoid

It’s natural that you’ll make mistakes whilst you stumble upon what marketing tactics work best for your brand, everyone makes mistakes! The most important thing is to then learn from those mistakes, this way you’re constantly enhancing your fashion brand’s approach to marketing. Sometimes it’s the little things that are over-looked and, when it comes to user experience, it’s the little things that can make a big difference.

So, we’ve compiled some user experience mistakes your fashion brand should avoid making.

User experience mistakes your fashion brand should avoid

Non-product related search

It’s important for your fashion site to implement an on-site search feature of course, but, is your on-site search feature linked to non-product related items? For example, if your user searches ‘help’ or ‘contact’, what does your site throw back? Whistles amalgamate their product items and non-product items perfectly, searching for ‘contact’ immediately loads a contact us form and ‘help’ brings up the customer service links, a nice, simple user experience. You’d be surprised to hear a lot of brands don’t actually integrate their site search results including fashion giants Topshop and Next.

Lack of real time errors

Encouraging users to convert can be tricky and it becomes a fine balance between gently nudging them until their ready to purchase and harassing them. However, if your users do come to your contact form or subscriber form on your site, you need to make their experience a pleasant and easy one, especially after all that ground work you’ve put in to bring them to your site! When a user fills in your form, instead of letting them get all the way through it, pressing submit and then showing them the errors they’ve made, why not tell them in real time? There’s more chance of a form submittal if you users only have to fill it in just the once.

A poor filtering system

You should include well-balanced filtering options, including the most common of course, as that’s what your customers are expecting to see! Being able to search by colour, brand, size, style and by occasion, are all basic search filtering options. You can further tailor your users’ shopping experience by incorporating a search filter based on your specific brand offers. For example, Very.co.uk incorporate a filter by next day delivery. This additional filter, helps create a simplistic and enjoyable shopping experience for the user.

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