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Video marketing for law firms

Video marketing has become a crucial way for many law firms to communicate with their audience during the COVID-19 pandemic, while most of the traditional marketing methods have simply not been possible. In-person events and even face-to-face meetings have been minimal or non-existent. Video offers a way for legal businesses to maintain key relationships, communicate more effectively and maintain at least some degree of face-to-face meetings. To help your law firm to be perceived as an expect within your particular field, video marketing is now a necessity.

Video marketing options for law firms

There are a number of different video tactics that law firms can utilise. It's vital to choose the most suitable type of video for the subject matter and your audience. For example:

  1. Webinars might be well suited to video calling platforms like Zoom, but if two-way communication isn't needed i.e. a chat function, then they could easily be livestreamed on YouTube or another video channel to potentially reach a larger audience. 
  2. Round table discussions very much do need two-way communication, so Zoom could be a great choice for this type of content.
  3. Explainer video content or COVID-19 related update videos can effectively communicate to your audience using a broadcast video channel, like YouTube or LinkedIn and be embedded in your website to help get important information across in a personable and professional manner.


Since the first lockdown, when most people have been working from home, including solicitors and other legal teams, lower production values for video have become more acceptable - if you're hosting a Zoom webinar from your home office then no one expects a professional studio. However, it's important that the video content still needs to look good - it's still a reflection on your law firm. You should try to:

  1. Include branding - whether in the background of the video or on the screen when sharing presentations etc.
  2. Keep video styles and look consistent - people should be able to instantly see the brand involved and keeping things the same each time will help this
  3. Encourage feedback and engagement from viewers - whether in the form of chat or questions during a live event, or to comment with questions and feedback afterwards
  4. Find a balance between production values and the benefits of immediacy - getting the content out there as quickly as possible might be more important than the way it looks, within reason

If you're running live video events, it's vital to promote them well in advance in order to get the right people to attend. This will depend on your audience somewhat, and the channels through which they are best reached, but might include:

  1. Email marketing
  2. Social media (including paid if you want to reach new people who don't already follow your firm on social channels)
  3. LinkedIn, if your content is aimed at business professionals

Once the event has passed, you can continue to benefit from the content as a business by editing and re-sharing it on your digital channels. This helps ensure you get maximum value from your investment in the content initially. Try posting it on:

  1. Facebook
  2. LinkedIn
  3. Twitter
  4. YouTube
  5. Vimeo
  6. Dailymotion

Embed the video content on your own website, and ensure that all accessibility features are included so that you can be inclusive of those who might struggle with standard video content e.g. captions for audio, transcript of entire video on the webpage etc. 

Video SEO for solicitors is crucial. This includes everything from the filename of the video itself (make sure it describes the content rather than simply being a random number or name auto-generated by your camera or computer) to including relevant keywords with with existing search volume in the page title, description and page content when embedding on your site. Each platform that the video is posted on e.g. YouTube & Vimeo, also needs a unique optimised description and a link to the relevant page on your website.

Once your video content is live, you can generate your own engagement to start the ball rolling by encouraging to share the content and comment on it. Positive signals like this will help your content achieve a higher organic reach than it otherwise would and social media algorithms always prioritise content with higher engagement.

Email all participants in the original live event to thank them for their involvement and give them the link to the post-event version to refer back to or share with their own networks. Giving individuals who contributed to the event a shout out on social media can also help the content be seen by more people, as well as getting across your thanks to those involved. 

Record your progress with video marketing by measuring useful metrics. If you do this across several different types of video content, you can get valuable insight into what works best for your audience, to help shape future strategy and the legal marketing services you put most resource into. Things you might want to measure could include:

  1. Attendance for live events
  2. Engagements during live event
  3. How many people have watched post-event content, engaged with it, visited your site as a result or mentioned it on social media

Why should law firms invest in video marketing?

For professional industries such as the legal sector, video marketing for solicitors is great to convey messages to the law firm's audience in a way better than no other form of marketing. Video marketing for law firms allow them to communicate trust, services and professionalism through a video in an engaging way. In a video you can summarise you're entire service and walk through potential clients what they need to know about the legal service they are looking for without having to read through hundreds of words of text to find a couple of answers. Video marketing also puts a professional face to legal firms, making the firm more approachable.

Statistics about law firm video marketing

  1. Posting video to social media can generate 1200% more shares than sharing text and images combined.
  2. By using video your legal firm can increase web traffic from search engines by 41% over businesses that don’t use video.
  3. On the down side 62% of users are likely to build a negative perception of a firm that publishes poor quality videos.
  4. Using videos on your landing pages can increase conversion rate by a whopping 80% and videos on your homepage can increase conversions by 20%.
  5. Legal firms using video can grow company revenue 49% quicker year-on-year over businesses without videos.
  6. Using native video uploads on Facebook for your legal firm’s videos, over simply sharing YouTube links can increase your video’s reach by tenfold.
  7. 70% of content marketers claim that video content produces more conversions than any other form of content.
  8. Using video can increase your legal firm’s organic search traffic by 157%, with 62% of all Google searches including videos.
  9. The average conversion rate for a website using video content is 4.8% compared to a conversion rate of 2.9% for non-video using websites.
  10. YouTube as a social platform is 11.3 times bigger than Facebook in terms of user time spent on the web and in-app.
  11. In the millennial age bracket 74% find videos helpful when making a decision about a service and 60% prefer to watch a video over reading content.
  12. In a similar vein, four times as many people, of any age, would prefer to watch a video about a service or product rather than read about it.

An Example of Effective Law Firm Video Marketing

One of our successful clients, the Dental Law Partnership, have a well performing piece of video content marketing on their legal firm website. You can check it out below and this video basically summarises what the content on the website says, but in the form of video. This video has great engagement and we have analysed the data to show that this video marketing piece has increased the leads that the law firm have generated. 


Get expert help with video marketing for law firms

If you're looking for help with video marketing for your law firm, Hitsearch can help. We're legal digital marketing experts, with 15 years of experience in this sector. We offer a free and no-obligation 15-minute consultation with one of our law firm marketing experts, to help highlight opportunities for your business.

Take a look at our case studies below and see our law firm marketing resources to view useful free whitepapers, templates, guide and eBooks that can help your legal business market yourselves more effectively and drive a better ROI. 

Call us today on 0800 011 9715 for more information about what our digital marketing agency can do for you.


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