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Who should be responsible for content marketing in your firm?

Although the marketing department is responsible for the over-arching strategy and implementation of your marketing tactics, content marketing works best when everyone in the company gets behind it. It’s important your colleagues understand your approach and your planned activities so they know where the firm is heading and are aware of any current content marketing campaigns that could be driving lead generation.

Your colleagues don’t have to spend hours on your content marketing, here ae a few tips to help get them started.

who should be responsible for content marketing in your firm?

Set up a company LinkedIn page

After you’ve set up a LinkedIn page for your firm, get everyone to tag the company into their ‘current job position’ section. This helps affiliate all employees with the company, making it easier for users who search for your firm to find the right contact. It’s important for all firm employees to have a presence across a variety of social media channels. The more relevant channels your employees are on, the more exposure your brand name will get.

Get everyone involved in your blog

Not only does it look a bit more eclectic to have different authors on your blog, but different people have different opinions and areas of expertise. Each employee will bring something different to your blog. Creating a rota where a different person writes a blog each week, or whenever there’s a timely news story they can formulate an opinion on, can help create a bit of structure to your firm’s blog. The individual will want to share the post they’ve written, which all helps keep your firm current and active to its audience.

P.S. Introducing a small incentive into the process, for the author who brings the most traffic to the website, works a treat!

Encourage all employees to follow the firm’s social accounts

This isn’t for boosting your follower count, this is more for widening your post share reach. Once you’ve created a piece of content and it’s been shared across the company social accounts, encourage your employees to share this content, too. The more aware your employees are of the content marketing initiatives happening for the firm, the more informed they’ll sound when potential clients enquire about your services off the back of a piece of content.

It’s important you practice a closed loop approach to your content marketing. If you create a piece of content and someone does ring up asking about your services, it’s important you find out how useful they found the content and what prompted them to contact your company in the first place. It can be a steep learning curve, but once you’ve nailed the process, your content will be much more refined and perfectly targeted to your audiences’ wants and needs!

If your firm needs help building a content strategy that’s going to produce high-quality case leads, get in touch today!

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