There are a few golden rules when it comes to marketing your fashion brand using content.

Don’t just talk about yourself. Engage your users through trend updates, and other interesting topics. Promoting yourself is not the way forward. Here at Hit Search, we have content marketing knowledge in abundance. Working with fashion brands through content marketing is our passionate, let us share our expertise, implement, analyse and most importantly improve your brand’s visibility!

Also, it’s important you trial different forms of content. Content isn’t just blog posts, press releases and articles. Content takes many forms, infographics, interactive imagery, quizzes etc. Trial and error is the main takeaway from this point. Our content team are a creative bunch, not only can they write compelling and relevant content specifically for your audience, but the idea generation process is always an exciting part of our content strategies for all our fashion clients.

So, how can Hit Search help?

We’ve briefly spoken about what makes us tick, but our content team really are something special! Our team follow a four-step process, all four steps are what we believe create a successful content marketing strategy and with monthly reports and regularly check-ins with your account manager, we are confident we can deliver results beyond your expectations!

  • Content Auditing
  • Content Production
  • Content Design
  • Content Outreach

Meet our content team here.

In the first 3 months of working together Erdem’s website visits increased by 51%close-quotes.png


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