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Insurance Marketing: Insurance Digital Marketing Services

Generate more leads thorough SEO, PPC & Social Media


The Benefits of
Insurance Performance Marketing

Help improve your company's online presence with the help of our specialist experience.


The team at Hit Search have been working on Insurance marketing campaigns for over 10 years. We know not only how to drive 'insurance motivated' traffic to a website, but also how to increase the policy volumes converted from them. We’ve developed a range of insurance digital marketing services to increase reach, generate more traffic and create new leads.


How do our insurance digital marketing clients benefit?


Our insurance clients benefit first of all from our extensive experience. We have worked with some of the largest insurance institutions, right down to niche single online insurance products. This experience has also enabled us to see the inner workings of a huge range of insurance products - not only knowing the language and marketing currency to use but also what an attractive CPA should look like.

We don't need to run 'test' campaigns...it's straight into policy driving from day 1 and beyond!




How can Hitsearch help your SEO campaign?

At Hitsearch, we have always taken a best practice approach to insurance-focused SEO campaigns. Having operated on-site tech insurance SEO and off-site outreach for a wide array of insurance clients and still stayed on the right side of the law, feel safe in the knowledge that you are in the hands of experts in this space.


How will our SEO services help your insurance company?

1. Increase your organic visibility

We’ll help you increase your organic visibility across a combination of generic and deeper insurance terms so more customers can find you at each stage of the keyword buying cycle!

2. Detailed campaign analysis

We can supply your business with monthly KPI reports that show detailed campaign analysis and progress tracking.


3. Measured Data

ALL of our SEO work is measured on BOTH keyword positioning (SERP visibility) AND volume of monthly policy growth. No hiding behind confusing data here!

4. Effortlessly connect

We can effortlessly connect 'motivated' traffic to the insurance product they are looking for.

5. Dedicated Client Services Manager

You get a dedicated Client Services Manager that holds the key between the internal teams here and your management information / reporting data.

Paid Media


How can Hitsearch help your PPC campaign?

Building & maintaining an insurance focused PPC campaign takes careful and continuous monitoring and requires heavily researched long-tail and short-tail keywords, ensuring your PPC campaigns are concise and promote your insurance company effectively.

With sometimes thousands of insurance keywords relating to, at times dozens of target audience personas, PPC campaigns can prove difficult to manage. In fact, many agencies even struggle to achieve a positive ROI from PPC campaigns targeting a whole host of different insurance product types.

Always work with an agency that has demonstrable success through working with a range of insurance products to ensure success from day 1.


How can Hit Search help your insurance product focused PPC Campaign(s)?

Finally, Hit Search are an accredited Google Agency Partner. A rubber stamp on the results we generate for our clients campaigns.

Deliver the best possible results

Whether you are a new insurance business and are looking for the full strategy to be defined, setup and implemented, OR just not happy with the current performance - Hit Search is for you! The Google AdWords and Bing platforms demand constant attention and tweaking to make sure your campaigns deliver the best possible results from day 1.


Drive highly relevant traffic

Our PPC team have Google AdWords qualifications coming out of their ears, and most importantly the qualifications are coupled with an intuitive response to the AdWords platform. Their desire to build on their knowledge and expertise in the PPC field can’t be rivaled, ok, maybe just by Google themselves! Your PPC campaigns are in very safe, dynamic and responsive hands. They share your passion, to drive highly relevant traffic to your website.

Deeper level of analysis

Part of the analysis process we undertake includes using key pieces of software that allow us to glean an understanding on your competitor's PPC activity. Let's not waste our budget if we can gain an understanding on what is working for VERY similar competitor PPC campaigns. This deeper level of analysis gives your business the inside track. It will start your business off on the journey towards gaining that desired competitive PPC advantage, and more importantly, once you’re there, we can help you sustain and continuously improve it!

Content Marketing


Our Insurance Content Marketing Services

Content marketing within the insurance sector is a branch of digital marketing limited by imagination only. There are so many forms of content marketing that can help boost, not only your insurance company's awareness but can help establish any insurance brand as an industry thought leader. Increasing your exposure through content marketing can have a phenomenal impact on your website traffic, conversion rates and ultimately policy volumes! Content marketing can have a phenomenal impact on your website traffic, conversion rates and ultimately, policy volumes!

Our content marketing team is filled with creative experts, who are just overflowing with insurance content marketing knowledge. They know how to get content noticed, from experimenting with video marketing and interactive imagery to writing pieces that capture and educate your target audience personas.


So, how can Hit Search help your insurance content marketing?

We’ve briefly spoken about what makes us tick, but our content team really are something special! So, let us share our expertise and implement, analyse and most importantly improve your company’s visibility with content marketing.

Our insurance team follows a four-step process, all four steps are what we believe creates a successful insurance content marketing strategy and with monthly reports and regularly check-ins with your client services manager, we are confident we can deliver results beyond your expectations.

  • Content Auditing
  • Content Design
  • Content Production
  • Content Outreach



Working with CRO experts

We have vast knowledge and expertise in this area of digital marketing, we believe that our guidance and strategic input will help create a much more pleasing user-experience and most importantly, will help increase the rate at which your visitors convert through your insurance website.

Our CRO team can help immediately identify areas of conversion weaknesses from an insurance focused website, just from historic experiences alone coupled with a brief site audit. After implementing proven tactics, our teams can then start collaboratively researching best practices, implementing and tweaking any site elements to ensure the best possible conversion rate is achieved for your website.


How can Hit Search help your insurance company's website conversion rate?

When it comes to improving conversion rate across an insurance website - we've been there and done that before! Rather than spending hours 'testing' prior to making any suggested amends to the user journey, we have the added benefit of getting stuck straight in and implementing improvements that have ALREADY WORKED across our insurance client base!

Our conversion rate optimisation service can, therefore, help you first obtain, and then sustain a competitive advantage in a much shorter space of time.


Our insurance CRO sub-services initially consist of:

CRO review of your insurance website

This will highlight all areas of UX that require immediate attention.

Research and analysis

Forming an important part of each sub-service, research and analysis is an ongoing task throughout the duration of any CRO campaign.

CRO planning

We will plan a CRO strategy aligned with the goals and objectives your insurance company aspire to, with our professional input included.

Implementation and testing

Another ongoing aspect of your insurance CRO campaign, this process will help with the first phase of changes to be implemented. These changes will then go through a testing phase to see how effective they have been to your insurance website’s conversion rate.

Digital PR & Outreach


What is it?

Outreach is the process of building reputable relationships with key insurance-focused bloggers, Vloggers, news sources and other third party websites. Placing carefully thought-through pieces of content in prominent areas across the web, where your audience regularly visit and engage with, can help your insurance company gain the targeted awareness it deserves!

Getting your 'insurance voice' heard is the primary aim of our outreach process. And in the sometimes cluttered insurance sector, it can be difficult to shout loud enough to gain cut-through, that’s where we come in…


Amplify and compliment your brand

Our insurance content outreach team have a wealth of experience building lasting relationships with bloggers who will love, or already love, your insurance brand and become brand advocates, to building professional relationships with leading insurance industry websites. So, no matter how niche your insurance product is, our content outreach team consistently endeavour to deliver the best possible content placement opportunities to perfectly amplify and compliment your brand!


To identify a suitable insurance outreach prospect we measure a variety of site and social metrics including:

  • Social reach of the website across a number of social channels
  • The domain authority of the external site or blog
  • Whether the site or blog already publishes relevant content to your insurance brand
  • We estimate their volume of site traffic
  • We monitor the frequency of new content published on their site
  • We also check out their social media engagement and interaction
  • And much, much more!

Insurance Marketing Case Studies with these brands

Check out our client case studies below.

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