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At Hit Search, we have always taken a best practice approach to SEO for insurance companies, applying our expertise and knowledge to create engaging and powerful insurance focused SEO campaigns. A professional SEO service is important for any business, but particularly those that sit within the competitive sphere that is the insurance industry. Whether you’re a small or large firm, it can be difficult trying be more visible online than your competitors so that you can reach potential customers before anyone else. 

This is where SEO services for insurance come in. When done properly, insurance SEO services can help your company grow by doing things such as increasing your organic visibility (putting you ahead of competitors), achieve higher rankings for relevant search terms in search engine results pages, increasing engagement on your website and improving your conversion rate.

As an insurance SEO agency, we are not only able to achieve all of the above but can also use knowledge and expertise to provide a detailed campaign analysis (monthly KPI reports and progress tracking) we can also provide measured data to ensure you can track the value we’re providing to the business. Measured data will ensure that all of our SEO for insurance companies have both keyword positioning (SERP visibility) AND volume of monthly policy growth.

Why will my insurance company benefit from insurance SEO services?

When it comes to SEO, Hit Search have experience in a wide range of b2b and b2c insurance companies, whether that’s travel, holiday, business cover, sports cover, vehicle insurance and more, and know exactly how to put your company directly in front of your target audience, using keywords discovered by our expert SEO team. There are many ways in which your insurance company will benefit from SEO services and whether you’ve done a bit of SEO in-house but want to take it to the experts or you’re completely new to the concept, Hit Search are here to ensure that your website is ranking as it should be, and your visibility is increased significantly to your chosen demographic.



In the insurance industry today, there’s no denying that your potential customers are online – which is what makes SEO for insurance paramount in today’s market. Our SEO strategy will not only focus on targeting specific keywords to improve web page visibility but will also ensure that great quality content is put in front of your customers at the same time. Executing SEO successfully requires an in-depth understanding of how your customers search. As part of our strategy, we will develop data-led personas so that you’re targeting exactly the right people, who are going to find exactly what they are looking for, on your site. It’s always worth keeping an eye on what competitors are up to as well, who they are targeting and whether they’re ranking for specific keywords.


Another reason insurance SEO services are important is because they can sometimes allow you to get in front of potential new customers before anyone else, especially when it comes to local SEO. According to Google, people that search for a specific service nearby on their smartphone are more likely to make the related conversion that day, meaning you have to be appearing in their results. Remember, if you’re not doing the work, then somebody else will.
SEO for insurance companies can also be used as a brand building exercise. As mentioned before, at Hit Search, we will ensure that part of your SEO strategy focuses on building customised content for your target users, which not only has the power to improve your engagement rate but will also effectively build your brand in the mind of your users as something trustworthy, that they can rely on. We have years of experience when it comes to presenting a brand to their potential customers and will help you to build your brand in the digital space.

What does the best SEO strategy for an insurance company look like?

At Hit Search, we know that the best SEO strategy for an insurance company improve their online visibility will usually consist of the following:



Engaging content

With an experienced and talented team, we can create content that is going to encourage customers to interact with your brand. We will ensure that your brand becomes and continues to be valuable and appealing to your audience through the power of the content that we create. Even small changes, such as re-visiting your brand’s mission statement and considering the specific expertise of your insurance brand so that you stand out from the crowd, can make a big difference. Our attention to detail is one of the things that makes us a professional SEO agency for insurance that you can trust with your brand.

A fast, user-friendly website

Understanding website performance is crucial to any SEO strategy and we can ensure that technical optimisations such as necessary site migrations and website speed are all running smoothly. Not only is a fast and efficient website key to user experience and reduced bounce rate, site speed is also a signal used by Google’s algorithm to rank pages so is something that can solidly support any SEO strategy.

Relevant backlinks

Search engines give more authority to those sites that are supported by great quality and relevant backlinks and at Hit Search, our SEO for insurance companies strategy will involve strategically building said backlinks to your website so that it ranks as well as possible. There are a number of different ways in which to acquire backlinks and at Hit Search we have a dedicated digital PR team who can put time and effort into ensuring that these links are found, alongside content marketing campaigns, link reclamation and a number of other types of activity. Link building is becoming extremely important for companies operating in the insurance industry who have their own websites because it shows search engines that your website consists of valued knowledge, is a trusted resource and is therefore worth linking to. Get in touch today to find out more.


In a competitive market, where there are many companies in the insurance sector competing for that page one position, it’s important that you don’t just view SEO as something that’s done once. SEO takes time and for effective results it’s something that is worked on constantly, on an ongoing basis. Our SEO experts will ensure that your insurance company is keeping up with keyword trends and ranking for what people are searching for right now. If your website visibility is affected as a result of a Google algorithm update or another reason, we’re on the ball to ensure we do everything possible to maximise your online visibility and organic rankings as quickly as possible. You can trust us to do the absolute best by your business when it comes to implementing an effective and professional SEO strategy.

Local SEO for Insurance companies

Often for insurance companies, the local market is also something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Whilst ranking nationally and competing with bigger companies is something that Hit Search can help you with, if you offer services locally, this is something that should be targeted too. At Hit Search, we know that a good local SEO strategy should at least consist of the following:

  • A local SEO focus
  • Google My Business optimisation
  • Keyword list development
  • Competitor research and analysis
  • Insurance related content development

Google My Business is a vital tool to allowing a business to grow its online presence which is why it is something that we consider using when developing an SEO for insurance strategy for companies that want to rank locally. The service allows a business to show easily in their local area for searches, which means the process that a customer now takes to find the service that they’re looking for has become simpler.

Simply put, Google My Business can help drive forward your online presence and in just seconds, a potential customer can select your profile and view all relevant contact information, as well as images and important information about the services that you offer. Without this listing, you’re going to lose out to companies that do have one, as they are going to have a greater visibility and will be put immediately in front of customers searching for insurance services.



At Hit Search, our expertise in SEO for insurance companies is something that we pride ourselves on.

Whether you’re a small business wanting to rank locally or whether you’re a growing firm that would like the opportunity to compete for rankings with bigger companies, we can help. Let us shout about your business for you, in the best, most effective way possible.

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