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Legal Digital Marketing

SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing, Eye Tracking, CRO for Law Firms


The Benefits of
Legal Performance Marketing

Help improve your firm's online with presence with the help of our specialist experience.


As a legal firm, digital marketing for solicitors will help succeed in one of your primary marketing goals is to develop the ability to self-generate high quality enquiries, which ultimately transform into accepted cases. At Hitsearch, our expertise in legal marketing for law firms and solicitors can transform your website so that it achieves just that. Our expertise includes knowledge and experience of robust and effective SEO for law firms and solicitors as well as ensuring that your site is optimised for the best possible conversion rate. On top of this, our years of experience in legal outreach mean that we can help build the authority of your website and the awareness of your brand, at the same time. Want to grow online as a legal business? Hit Search can help with digital marketing for legal firms..


Why Hitsearch should be your Legal Digital Marketing Agency?


Our digital marketing for law firms team have over a decade’s experience working with some of the UK’s leading law firms, providing strategies in digital marketing for solicitors all over the country. Over this time, we have perfected the art of generating high value case leads for our clients. Our skills mean that we can confidently implement a digital marketing strategy for law firms that can start delivering results quickly and consistently.

As working with the legal sector is one of our specialisms, there is no doubt that we fully understand the legal market and what makes a good law firm digital marketing campaign.

Our legal digital marketing expertise spans the following digital areas: legal SEO, PPC, outreach and digital PR, content marketing and conversion rate optimisation. Read more about each of these areas below.




SEO for Law Firms & Solicitors – How can we help?

When it comes to search engine optimisation, we understand that one size definitely does not fit all. Because of this, we offer SEO for legal firms services in the form of bespoke law firm SEO campaigns. As experts in legal content marketing, Hit Search recognise the importance of constructing a formidable website from a law firm SEO perspective to give you the best chance at competing in the legal world. Whilst once upon a time, legal services relied on entirely on local business, law firms are now catching on to the pressing need for a far-reaching legal SEO and digital marketing strategy. Don’t get left behind.


So, what SEO services can we offer your law firm?

Our legal SEO service campaigns aim to strengthen your entire legal brand online, in away that crosses marketing channels; making your firm more visible to your target market is a continued objective for all our clients. By improving your visibility online, we can ensure that a steady stream of potential clients can find and visit your website. With our passion, drive and expertise at your disposal, combined with your brand vision and corporate goals, we’re confident that we can achieve results for your business.

TAs experts in SEO for solicitors, we can increase your website’s organic visibility through structured and carefully implemented SEO campaigns.


First things first

A small fraction of these SEO legal services include:

1. Link Optimisation

We will conduct an initial link assessment, with planned ongoing monthly activity designed to enhance the authority of your content, both on-site and off-site.

2. Content Optimisation

If needed, we will then conduct an in-depth content audit. This audit will help our digital teams identify any content gaps on your firm’s site, and highlight which areas can be built upon to further increase search engine visibility. We look at what your legal SEO competitors are doing from a content point of view, both on and off-site. We will then combine our audits with our creativity and knowledge to produce top quality content to sit on your website and help drive the campaign forward.

3. Technical Optimisation

Our team will run an initial technical SEO audit at the start of the project, to understand how your law website is currently performing from a search engine perspective. From this, we can carefully plan our proposed next steps to help boost your firm’s organic visibility.



Legal Firm PPC - Why is it important?

When is comes to digital marketing for solicitors, you’re likely to fall short of your goals without a solid paid media (PPC) strategy on top of your seo for legal firms campaign. The targeting accuracy of paid media means that you’re not only able to connect with a high number of people, but also with the right prospects, who are likely to need your services. Legal PPC campaigns are also a great way to obtain instant brand exposure, with campaigns delivering results almost immediately. Let Hit Search put your law firm right in front of the correct target market.

Although the Google AdWords platform can seem straightforward to set up, it’s a reality that if you don’t manage your PPC campaigns constantly, optimising them and tweaking them to reflect keyword ranking changes and testing a variety of adverts to see which delivers the most relevant website traffic, then you’ll never maximise your return on this channel.


Our Legal PPC management process

Our PPC management process for the legal sector has been broken down into three specific steps.

Getting to know your firm

The more we understand your firm’s objectives and marketing messages, your industry and, of course, your competitors, the more information we have to develop a bespoke legal PPC strategy. This will be top of our agenda when you meet your dedicated PPC expert and Account Manager, who will both work closely with your operations team to manage your campaigns. A thorough review of any previous results and campaigns will form part of this initial phase.


Ongoing Analysis

Scheduled regular meetings enable us to present revenue-based results and recommendations based on campaign performance analysis. In the background, we’ll be working on your campaigns regularly, constantly monitoring performance against the agreed KPIs. We will keep you fully informed by providing transparent reports of progress.

Planning and launch

Once we understand where your firm is currently positioned and where it is you’d like to get to, we review all the options open to you and recommend a prioritised list of activities for the short, medium and long term. These activities will help us to build your dedicated PPC campaign with highly targeted keyword and ad groups, as well as unique ad creatives.

Content Marketing


Legal Content Marketing for Law Firms

At Hit Search, we apply a creative content marketing strategy for all of our clients, with legal firms being no exception. With years of experience of legal SEO, we pride ourselves on having extensive knowledge of the legal sector, which we can apply to all your content. We believe that thinking outside of the box can result in a ground-breaking content plan that will work brilliantly for your firm. Here at Hit Search, we like to trial a variety of content forms, including quizzes, infographics, press releases, interactive imagery, blog posts, and articles, tailored to your specific audiences. By expertly choosing the right strategies for legal content marketing, we can attract relevant traffic, engage your audience, obtain quality links, drive exciting leads and deliver promising networking opportunities.


How can we help your firm with content marketing?

We have a content team brimming with expert writers, storytellers, researchers and creative designers. We’ve obtained exceptional results with our legal sector clients, and we’d love to work with you too! When creating campaigns incorporating our legal content services, we start with the basic framework below.

  • Content Auditing
  • Content Planning & Design
  • Content Production
  • Content Outreach



The Importance of CRO for Law Firms

We are proud to have helped a number of legal clients gain an increase in their conversion rates; obtaining more relevant leads and accepted cases because of our approach to conversion rate optimisation. We believe that our strategic input will create a much more pleasing user experience for your visitors when exploring your site. If you are relying on clients submitting their contact details for a call back or filling out a personal injury claim form on your website, then Conversion Rate Optimisation is key to making sure that happens.

Whilst law firm seo strategies and other methods of digital marketing for legal firms are vital for increasing your website’s relevant traffic, CRO works on the traffic you already have, increasing its value and ultimately, your site’s conversion rate. There is always room for improvement on a website. Let us get started on yours.


How will our CRO legal marketing services help your firm?

Knowing exactly where your site performs best, why it performs best in those areas, and where the weakest areas of your site lie, is our specialty.

A brief overview of our conversion optimisation service:

1. CRO review of your legal website

This will highlight all areas of your site that require immediate attention. The team will begin work on this first.

2. Research and analysis

Forming an important part of each CRO service, research and analysis is an ongoing task throughout the duration of any CRO campaign, particularly important for the legal market. CRO compliments any SEO marketing for your law firm, so whilst you increase your traffic, we also increase your conversions.


3. CRO Planning

We will plan a legal-specific conversion optimisation strategy aligned with any objectives your firm aspires to achieve, with our professional recommendations helping to form the CRO strategy.

4. Implementation and testing

Another ongoing aspect of your legal CRO campaign. Any potential changes we recommend for your website will then go through a testing phase to see how effective they are at increasing your conversion rate. Once the case for change has been proved by data, these changes can be pushed live to 100% of website visitors.

Digital PR & Outreach


What is it?

Gone are the days when highly qualified leads could only be captured by traditional radio, television and newspaper advertising. Instead, a well-executed legal outreach programme can work together with an effective law firm SEO marketing strategy and an optimised website to achieve second to none results for your brand. Our creative outreach marketing team are able to generate fantastic, unique content ideas and research outreach opportunities, specific to your firm’s requirements. You might be looking to promote a particular aspect of your business and no matter how niche, our outreach marketing team will work to find the best content placement and editorial opportunities. Our goal is to gain maximum brand exposure, directly in front of your target market as well as support our law firm SEO services.


To identify a suitable legal outreach prospect, whether for blogger, press or trade media activity, we measure a variety of site and social metrics. We look for things like:

  • Social reach of the website across a number of social channels
  • The domain authority/rank of the external site or blog
  • Whether the site or blog is publishing relevant content to the legal sector
  • We also estimate the volume traffic the site receives, by using a variety of digital tools
  • We monitor the frequency of new content published on their site
  • Research their social media engagement and interaction
  • And much, much more!



Influencer marketing for the legal sector

Influencer marketing doesn’t just apply to the world of fashion digital marketing or the beauty industry and here at Hit Search we believe that with the correct content creators, this effective form of marketing can also work for your business and be the game changer to your law firm digital marketing strategy. A lot of clients of legal firms have been directed to a particular company due to a recommendation from a trusted source online. Influencers exist for a whole host of different sectors and our team will combine our influencer marketing expertise with the use of a number of different tools to determine exactly which content creators are going to heighten your brand’s awareness to a highly relevant and engaged audience that fits with your services. You can find out more about how Instagram influencer marketing works here.

l1-suitable-outreach prospects

Legal Digital Marketing Agency Case Studies

Check out our client case studies below to see why we are the go to digital marketing agency for law firms and the top legal SEO company.

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