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Ecommerce & Retail Performance Marketing

SEO, PPC & Social Media


The Benefits of
Ecommerce & Retail Performance Marketing

Help improve your brand's online presence with the help of our specialist experience.


Hitsearch has worked with some of the UK’s leading omni-channel retailers and on a daily basis, we test and refine dozens of existing and new retail digital marketing channels and techniques for our e-commerce client base. The results of which deliver cutting edge retail digital marketing campaigns alongside increasing revenue volumes. Whether you call it e-tail, retail or e-commerce, we can bring our digital marketing knowledge and expertise to your online brand. You might be a multi-channel retailer looking to become a truly omni-channel retailer, whatever your goal, we can help you to deliver and better that seamless customer experience consumers now expect.


How do our clients benefit?

Our team is packed full of marketing specialists and can deliver and advise on scalable and cost efficient revenue increases with ease. We have a learning culture at Hit Search, which means our teams are constantly researching and implementing new and improved retail digital marketing tactics. This approach ensures your brand has the best possible chances to sustain or gain a competitive advantage in this volatile industry.




A lot of retailers are starting to understand the positive impact that retail digital marketing can have on their bottom line, and also the impact it has on customer satisfaction and overall user experience. Making sure your SEO channel ties in perfectly with your other channels is also one of our goals as a retail digital marketing agency.


So, what can we offer your e-commerce brand?

Well to put it plainly, we can offer you a lot. We can offer you an in-depth insight into your competitors’ campaigns, keywords they’re ranking for, and the average search volume those competitors are receiving for both long-tail and short-tail keywords. We can also offer your business expert guidance in all aspects of digital marketing; we have obtained results to prove that what we do, simply works!


How will our SEO services help your e-commerce brand?

  1. We’ll help you increase your organic visibility so more customers can find you
  2. We can engage your target market with your e-commerce brand
  3. We can supply your business with in-depth tracked campaign results
  4. You’ll have our SEO expertise and knowledge at your fingertips

Paid Media


We understand that retail is one of the most fiercely competitive industries, but we can ensure your voice is heard through the medium of PPC. It’s important your business gets a slice of the 3.5 billion searches performed through Google each day!

Here at Hit Search, we’re here to take the stressful process of PPC off your shoulders. We can take care of everything, read on to find out just how we can help!


How can Hit Search help?

We can manage everything

Whether you’re a retailer without any existing PPC campaigns, or whether you’d rather we just dramatically improved the performance of your current PPC ads; we can do either! It’s your budget after all.


Stay updated & optimised

Our PPC team are more than equipped to tackle the biggest PPC retail marketing challenges. All of our team members are Google AdWords qualified and coupled with their dynamic response to new trends and techniques, this ensures your PPC campaigns are constantly updated and optimised for maximum output.


Remain competitive

Handing over the PPC management to our highly-competent PPC team will ensure your retail brand has the best chance of remaining competitive in this cut-throat industry. Our team will not only identify your competitors across the PPC channel but we can analyse the value of your competitors’ PPC keyword traffic. Our ability to gain a deeper insight in this respect will do wonders for your retail brand.

Content Marketing


An essential, and ever-developing element of the digital marketing mix, content marketing is paving the way for retail brands to create a name for themselves as innovative audience communicators. Content marketing is a creative process and is limited solely by imagination.

Our content marketing services for the retail sector are delivered by our expert digital content team. The team is filled with passionate, dedicated and creative copywriters and content creators, alike. They’re already excited to work on your campaigns; all ready to create a buzz around your products!

How can Hit Search help your retail brand create something extraordinary?

Combining our expertise and your vision, we can analyse and most importantly, improve your brand’s visibility with content marketing.

Our team follow a four-step process; all four steps are what we believe create a successful content marketing strategy. Alongside our monthly reporting process and regularly check-ins with your account manager, we are confident we can deliver results beyond your expectations!


Our four stages to content marketing:

1. Content Auditing

2. Content Design

3. Content Production

4. Content Outreach



Our CRO team is brimming with digital experts, experts that are ready to deliver a comprehensive conversion optimisation analysis report and implement any changes to a high standard. To excel at conversion optimisation, you need to have a very keen eye for detail, and that’s exactly what our conversion optimisation team are equipped with!

How will our CRO retail services help your brand?

Your consumers’ buying habits and digital trends change and it can be difficult to keep ahead of these substantial and influential changes. That’s why it’s important that our retail ecommerce CRO experts can immediately identify areas of conversion weakness just from historic experiences and new industry trends alone. After implementing these initial and proven tactics, we can then start to monitor and measure your website’s conversion rate performance.

After this phase, we can then analyse your site as whole, in-depth, to discover where we can implement more advanced conversion rate tracking elements to ensure your retail brand obtains the best possible conversion rate outcome.


1. CRO review of your retail website

A thorough conversion optimisation review of your retail website. This will highlight areas that require immediate attention; this is an important starting point.


2. Research & analysis

These steps are ongoing in nature and are an important part of each of our conversion rate sub-services.


3. CRO Planning

We will plan a conversion rate optimisation strategy that aligns with your corporate and marketing objectives, so we’re always working together in the right direction.


4. Implementation and testing

Again, these are ongoing tasks and are required throughout the process to build a strong campaign that delivers tangible results.

Digital PR & Outreach


Understanding the importance of remaining competitive

Outreach is the process of building high-quality, and preferably long-lasting relationships with a variety of third-party websites including, influential retail bloggers, industry leading retail websites and more. Reaching out to these websites with highly relevant, shareable, and of course, interesting pieces of content, is a proven method to increase your retail brand’s exposure.

We understand just how important it is that you remain competitive within the retail industry and we’re here to help you do just that – and more. Our ability to research the best outreach opportunities, coupled with our team’s exceptional content writing skills, means our outreach retail services are hard to beat. We consistently endeavour to deliver the best possible content placement opportunities to ensure the maximum exposure for your retail brand. Becoming a thought leader requires extraordinary content crafting and creation, coupled with a database filled with influential media contacts, which is exactly what we have at our disposal at Hit Search.

l1-suitable-outreach prospects

Identifying outreach prospects for your e-commerce brand

We follow a direct process in order to consistently measure each and every potential outreach relationship. Here are some of the site and social metrics we measure in our content outreach teams:

  1. Social reach of a suitable website across a wide range of social channels
  2. Their site domain authority through Moz Extension Bar
  3. Suitably estimate their volume of site traffic and measure its relevance
  4. Whether their site or blog content is highly relevant to your retail brand
  5. We also monitor the frequency at which they post content to their site
  6. We check whether their level of social media engagement and interaction is significant enough
  7. And we scrutinise much, much more!
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