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Hit Search videos is our digital marketing expertise in bitesize (and easily digestible) snippets in video form! Whether you’ve a spare few minutes on your lunch break, or your afternoon is just dragging on and on, dip in and out of our straightforward videos.

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Advanced User Experience
Testing Explained

Working with
Bloggers & Influencers

Measuring Influencer & Blogger
Marketing ROI


Blogger Outreach:
the Hit Search way


Legal Sector: Content & Outreach for the legal industry


Programmatic Display:
What is it and how does it work?



This video will give you an insight into how we can help you climb the rankings for your search terms, with our SEO services!

Content Marketing

Looking to influence people with your brand? Our content marketing service could be right up your street!

Paid Media

Let us help you create tailor-made ad campaigns with our PPC services! They're designed to reach the right prospects.

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)

We make sure your user journey is fully-optimised for conversions with our dynamic CRO services!

Reputation Management

With our expert help and guidance, we can ensure you manage your online reputation with ease!

Liverpool Innovation Park

One of our directors at Hit Search, Andy Donaldson, gives an overview of the agency and the importance of Liverpool Business Innovation Park.

[Webinar] Legal Sector: The Benefits of Content Marketing

webinar legal sector the benefits of content marketing

We give a brief overview of content marketing and its benefits for the legal sector

[Webinar] Legal Sector: Making your Mark with On-site Content

making your mark with on site content
We give the legal sector some actionable tips for their on-site content efforts.

Illuminating Insights: Content Marketing in the Legal Sector

illuminating insights legal content marketing

Our Content Marketing Executive, Rachel, discusses the importance and the benefits of Content Marketing in the Legal Sector.

[Webinar] Legal Sector: Utilising Social Media for your Law Firm

We give the legal sector some actionable tips surrounding both paid and organic social media tactics, to ultimately help boost firm visibility.

[Webinar] Legal Sector: Become a Legal Industry Authority with Content Marketing


We discuss the importance and the benefits of becoming a legal industry authority within your sector.

[Podcast] Legal Sector: Profiling for your CRO Strategy

Profiling for your CRO strategy podcast download

We delve into the first stage of a successful legal CRO strategy, Profiling.

[Podcast] Legal Sector: Gathering Data for your CRO Strategy

Legal Sector podcast - Gathering data for your CRO strategy

We delve into the second stage of a successful legal CRO strategy, gathering data.

[Webinar] Fashion Sector: Ecommerce Mobile Marketing Trends for 2016


We discuss how you can connect with your mobile customers using the most up-to-date ecommerce mobile marketing trends of 2016. 

[Webinar] Fashion Sector: Mobile marketing in ecommerce, an Overview


We discuss the importance of mobile marketing for your fashion brand, including examples of how some of the biggest brands are connecting with their customers through mobile.

[Podcast] Legal Sector: Analysing and Planning your CRO Strategy

Legal Sector podcast - Analysing and planning your legal CRO strategy

Show three in our legal CRO podcast series investigates how we can analyse and plan our CRO testing. 

[Podcast] Legal Sector: How to implement your strategy


Our final legal CRO podcast discusses how to test your CRO strategy and start driving conversions through your legal site.

[Webinar] Fashion Sector: LIVE mobile analysis of Missguided.co.uk


We discuss the elements of the Missguided mobile site that are mobile-friendly and also highlight where there is room for improvement! Tips to take away for your own fashion brand!